Good Morning

I do not think we will be having a nice sunny warm Saturday. It looks more like it will become a rainy one. Even yesterday with its sunny appearance, it just had to rain for a few minutes during the afternoon. As I was in isolation at home it did not bother me so much. I was busy planting the drill seeds I bought at the store. I am building up on my herbs and now have Basil and Dill in their pots.

Admittedly not an impressive photo, but it was no easy for me to get the earth in the pots with the seeds. I did the basil seeds with the help of No. 1 son, but yesterday he was off to town and so I was left to do the dill seeds myself. Luckily I still had the two large pots. I had to drag them from the top shelf of my garden cupboard and give them a quick spray with the hose as there were a few spider webs in them. The next part was more difficult. I still had half a bag of earth and that was heavy. I managed to tip the earth in the pot but it was a difficult job as more earth left the bag that it should have and I almost lost my balance. With a little help from Mr. Swiss combined with a few complaints from Mr. Swiss getting dirty hands from the earth (which was washed away in a few seconds) I managed to finish the job on my own and sprinkle the seeds over the earth. During the night I cover them as you never know what animals take a walk over my porch and decide to supplement their diet with some seeds. The birds disappear during the night so there is no danger that they will enjoy a seedy meal. I now just have to wait for them to begin to grow. As I planted the basil almost a week ago, they will soon be sprouting. They are already swelling a little and turned a blue colour which is quite promising.

I discovered a sparrow in my garden yesterday. They are now very scarce, but I still have a bowl of water outside to quench their thirst and that was the purpose of the visit.

Otherwise not very much happening at the moment and I am keeping myself busy by organising a few things in the apartment. I had an ironing session yesterday afternoon with the bed linen and now I can forget beds for a while.

I am now off to deal with the daily chores. My lunch is already cooking as I have boiled beef and veg. This evening I will attempt a pizza with my own home made pastry. I am gradually getting into the routine. My cookery online company are now offering a pasta machine for making your own noodles etc. I am thinking about it. I seem to be a victim of do-it-yourself stuff. My orchids at are getting their weekly dose of water in the sink at the moment so I should finish the job and I noticed my extra mega sized hostas are now growing in the garden. I do not know why they are growing with such big leaves, it began a few years ago. Even my gardener remarks on their size.

Have a good week-end, may the weather be with you.