Good Morning

At last a cheery morning with the sun rising and no sign of rain, although you never know what might happen. It does not seem to be a very good Spring this year, still cooling down during the night and temperatures during the day are not yet so much short trousers and no jacket, but it can only get better. Yesterday was a holiday in most parts of Europe for Ascension Day so I stayed at home. Otherwise I would have taken a trip in the local parts. Sometimes they have an outdoor church service at the chapel in the cemetery, although the weather has to be good for that.

I made a bread dough during the morning and backed it in the afternoon, so we had something fresh with the evening cold cuts.

I am now getting quite short of photos, but where there is a remainder of peanuts, you can always attract the hungry birds. I don’t think that my magpies are really hungry, but they are the scavangers of the bird family and seem to see a peanut from a distance. It took about 30 minutes and the first one swooped into the garden. He had a good look around, and jumped on the wall for the profits. Luckily I had the camera ready and managed a few shots. I have now put the food a little nearer to my window and got a good detailed view.

First of all he examined the goods and they met with a sign of approval.

He snapped up a peanut in his beak and was gone in a few seconds. He returned for the other peanuts, but I did not see him. Within an hour they were all gone except for the walnuts. They are perhaps a size to big for the beak, but I am sure a passing crow will take the advantage of a walnut breakfast. Actually my supply of peanuts is also now coming to an end and the store are not selling them at the moment. It really looks like a bird starvation plan, although they are looking quite healthy.

Another colleague arrived at the kitchen window with his pleading eyes and I could not resist. I even have a small store of feline goodies to keep him happy. Roschti is a regular customer, owns the neighbour, but often calls in for some extras at my place. He might even remember the days when Tabby, my last feline, was protecting her territory in my garden. Roschti has now taken over. Sometime he even has a snooze on one of my patio chairs.

They are showing a series of Tom Cruise films on one of the film channels on the TV at the moment. You can have too much of Tom Cruise but yesterday there was one of his earlier films showing, The War of the Worlds. I read the book by H.G.Wells many years ago and have also seen about 2-3 various films based on the story. I had never seen the film with Tom Cruise and it was from Steven Spielberg. I must say it was really the best version I had seen. It was the same story of course, but very well filmed. I always like the ending where the invaders from outer space eventually die from various human infective microbes such as measles and chicken pox etc. They must have missed out on their vaccinations on their planet.

And I am now off to more adventures. A grocery delivery will be on its way this morning. I might even find something to tidy up. Yesterday Mr. Swiss was searching for an article of clothing and managed to disrupt a cupboard which I should have organised some time ago. I then decided to re-organise it and was successful. Mr. Swiss eventually was happy finding what was lost. He could have asked me first, it was being washed in the machine. Have a good day everyone, tomorrow is the week-end and I am sure there will be some plans made for a successful two days by some. Otherwise we golden oldies enjoy it even without the planning stress.