Good Morning

Begins with some cloud and mist, but I think it will be Ok today. Everything is closed here for Ascension Day, a holiday for those that still have holidays. I have a holiday every day, so it can get a bit boring. I was thinking of going places today, but I had an excursion in town yesterday. I loaded up the battery on my wheelchair, but have postponed its use until perhaps over the week-end. I will be baking a bread today and yes, it is again time for a bed linen change. I was dreading the getting up a little earlier and re mounting the new covers on the duvet and pillow, but I was awake anyhow so did it already an hour earlier. Afterwards I remained hugging the bed (with the new covers) knowing that I still had an hour or a little more to relax and take it easy. As you get older you tend to change your time table to suit yourself.

Actually I really enjoyed my trip to town yesterday. Mr. Swiss had already ventured out in the morning (clapping with recognition) and had got his cigarette ration for the week so all I had to do was go to the supermarket and get a few bits and pieces, but not so much. I decided to take another route home along our river quai.

It is also a restaurant mile and all along the was there is one row of tables and chairs. The weather was OK and there were a few people having a break. You are still not allowed to sit in the enclosed spaces of the restaurants inside due to Covid, but there is no problem sitting outside in the open air.

Some of the squares in town had also been taken over again by the roadside cafés adding a little atmosphere to the town and livening it a little. Is the quality of life now improving again, and are we slowly getting back to normal. Perhaps thanks to the vaccination programme cases are reducing and we all feel a little safer. I still wear my mask when in enclosed spaces such as stores but otherwise no longer.

I saw these two pigeons busy finding something to eat on the lawn of the town museum.

I am now getting the idea of my new vacuum cleaner and I think it is one of the best gifts I have given myself for a long while (although Mr. Swiss also donated his 50%). I am also in a tidying mood at the moment. I do not know if it has to do with Spring, but my cupboards are now perfect. We have a store room where I keep my cleaning accessories and that was a real mess. Everything just tossed on the shelves, no organisation. Today it is picture perfect. Everything organised and the unnecessary rubbish thrown away. It is really astonishing the rubbish you collect which is not necessary.

And now I am off to finish making the bed, clean the apartment and I am sure I will find something else to do. Life is never boring. Have a good day everyone and if you have a free day, then enjoy it. And now to play with my new toy, the vacuum cleaner.