RDP Wednesday: Contest

In the pre Covid days our town had an Autumm fair every year and there were many contests. One was organised for the local pigs to find the fastest pig. There were many people wanting to see the winner and to cheer them on. Unfortunately I could not get to the front so had to take my photos from the TV screeen showing the pigs as they entered the home stretch. They were so fast it was difficuilt to take a good photo. It was amazing how active they were carrying so much bacon on their bodies. Since two years the Autumn fair has been cancelled but we are all hoping that the pigs will be running again this year.

RDP Wednesday: Contest

Good Morning

Yesterday’s dismal day of continuous rain has left us with some hanging dark clouds. However, fear not, today there will be no rain in our area and according to the prognosis (if correct) we will have sun in the afternoon which means I can press the active button on my body and enter town. Tomorrow is a holiday for Ascension Day in Switzerland, and I believe also other parts of Europe, although that is no problem. Mr. Swiss has also decided to enter town today, but probably this morning, for his bits and pieces.

Yesterday I was a missing person here I know. Tuesday is always a bit of a stress as I have the cleaning lady. Mr. Swiss also had to go to the dentist and my cleaning lady took him there in her car and brought him home again. It was a short dental visit as the dentist checked on the work done last week. In the meanwhile my new super Dyson Vacuum cleaner had arrived and I was confronted with a large parcel, 5 Kilo of cardboard packing and the the machine itself, with a grand total of 13 Kg.. Actually I was going to do it in the afternoon, but decided what is done is done. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss returned with Lucia and I was surrounded by a landscape of carboard boxes. My cleaning lady was totally excited by my vacuum cleaner purchase. She had a customer that also used the same machine and knew exactly how to construct it and use it. This was perfect and in half an hour it was ready and working and I also had a quick course in how to handle it. It is not a complicated machine, but a lot easier to understand when you have such a good instructor like Lucia. I even got a second charger with it which she also explained and Mr. Swiss fitted the second charger up as well.

I discovered that my cleaning lady is an expert on gadgets and how they work. She was such a great help and support yesterday. I told my autistic son when he got home from work that he will now be using the new machine, but he was not at all happy and said he wanted to use the old one. I told him that would no longer be possible. However when I wanted to explain the new one, he was already ahead of me. With his autistic talents he understood the new one quickly, knowing how to attach the varioius parts and use them. I discovered he is more logical than I am. In any case I am a happy bunny with my new cleaner, it works perfectly. So that was why I was absent yesterday. I was just too tired and exhausted to write anything and decided to take a day’s blogging holiday.

My garden is thriving at the moment under the rain was have had for the past week. so I just let is get on with itself. I have planted a large pot of basil but the seeds are still thinking about it, although it looks very promising. I noticed quite a few plants appearing in my flower beds. My next problem might be a slug/snail invasion after the wet weather, but I am prepared with a full box of anti slug pellets. My hostas are now growing.

They will be the first to be under attack from the 2-300 teeth of a slug and now they are looking so fresh and green.

And now it is time to move on. I am hoping for a normal day today with no extras. Take care and have a good one.