Good Morning

The rainy days have already began. Yesterday was a perfect day, sun, warmth and a promise of what was to come. However coming are the rainy days, and probably all week long. I will probably not be going anywhere this week. I could have gone somewhere yesterday, but just wanted to enjoy the weather at home and relax. I even managed to plant my packet of basil seeds in a large pot, but with help from No. 1 son. He is really not a gardener, but when mum needs help he is there. First of all I emptied two pots of calla plants which had given up after many years. During the Winter a wandering animal decided to dig out what was in the pot so we emptied the remaining earth together into the garden. I then found a nice big pot for my seeds and No. 1 son filled it with earth and we put it in a safe warmer place on the porch, sheltered from any rain. I gave it a sprinkling of water and now am looking forward to them growing. I must admit it is my first gardening attempt since being less mobile, but with help from No. 1 son it was done in a few minutes.

In the meanwhile I was sitting in the kitchen and heard a buzzing noise quite loud. I then saw the culprit. It was an enormous bumble bee, really big. this was an opportunity for a photo but bumble bees do not really hover long enough for a photo. After a few tries I managed to salvage one photo. I just clicked the camera and found one photo which could be used, after an enlargement. That is why the photo it not so big, otherwise it would have got blurred at the edge. It was really a monster bee with a lovely pullover in various colours. I even spread a piece of bread quickly with some jam in the kitchen, but this bee was not being fooled and just ignored it as it flew past. It decided to have a closer look at me, and made quite a draught as it flew past. If only these insects would stay for a photo.

Otherwise there was a miniature hive of activity in my insect hotel. Gradually it is filling up and a new batch of bees will probably arrived in time. I am no expert, but according to what I read in Internet the eggs will hatch in 2-3 days and the larva need a few more days to develop into fully fledged bees. The eggs are now sealed in their various rooms to develop. These are single bees that I am attracting and not the swarms with queens and workers.

I decided to order a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, the super new model and the best. I have a Dyson and it is now working quite well, although I have had it for more than 5 years. It is time to change the charger, but I had a look around and we decided to get a new one. Golden oldies like to treat themselves now and again to new toys and it will definitely by our last vacuum cleaner purchase. I like Dyson, they are comfortable machines to use and do the job well. You can empty them quite easily after use, so no bags of dust. Above all no cables to drag around as they have their own charger. You can use the new model up to an hour without charging if you operate with the economy method. There is now even a built in screen to show how much time is left on the charger. Slowly I am sounding like an advertisement for Dyson, but I really like them.

And now to move in my reality world with my various daily chores. I will be baking a bread this morning and have a nice easy cooking task for lunch with cervelat (Swiss sausage) baked potato from my air friar and as a veg have a cauliflour which I will probably cook with a béchamel sauce and cheese.

Stay safe everyone, and have a good beginning to the week. Golden oldies like myself probably do not have weeks, just days, but I remember my days of being a working woman when the new working week began. I would look forward to my days of retirement, but they also have their problems. One of the things I realised after becoming a senior citizen. With reflections of the good weather, I leave you with a view of yesterdays morning sky to help to brighten up your day. I need it.

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