Good Morning

The sun has risen and taken over, although partly my fault. I did not rise so early this morning so my sunrise is quite advanced. I had a restless night, one of those nights where you have the feeling that you did not sleep. There was no real reason really. I was feeling fine, no aches or pains, just the problem of not being able to sleep. At 3.00 a,m. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my iPad completing next week’s shopping list. A few things came to my mind and I decided to write them on the order before I forgot them in the morning, Next week we have again one of those religious holiday weeks. Thursday everything will be closed in Switzerland for Ascension day which means a day less for planning your online order. It is no big problem as Thursday is not a difficult day to close down, but I will have to make sure to get my next order completed by Tuesday to get my delivery slot for Friday morning. What a boring life I lead. So now I am at the table in the kitchen and when I have finished with my computer here I will pass on my order to the store for Tuesday delivery.

Bird life has now disappeared from my garden, although they are still here. I can hear them chirping in the surrounding trees and they are certainly not on the edge or starvation. They just have to find it themselves as my avarian breakfast table is no longer decked. I discovered there is other life to be found in the garden and the wood lice have again appeared. They might not be the most attractive, but perhaps they do not find humans so attractive. The like to stay in damp dark places, and when I lift the overhanging stalks of some plants they are grouped together below. They scuttle away when the realise that they are being disturbed, but they do no harm, just part of nature’s world.

The bees werer also busy searching for a dwelling in their hotel. Some of the rooms were already occupied. I was reading that the single bees that do not belong to a group, like to lay their eggs in sheltered places. Afterwards they seal the entrance to protect the developing family and quite a few entrances are now sealed. It really is quite a hive of activity with the buzzing around in the sunny weather. Today is a great day, warm and without rain. However I saw on the weather report that the rest of the week will be rain every day for our area, so it looks I will be at home most of the time.

I will also be at home today. I was thinking of going for a wheelie somewhere, but I am quite comfortable where I am. Yesterday I did a thorough job on cleaning my oven in the kitchen and now I am happy. I am progressing well with my Spring cleaning efforts in the kitchen and at last have a good oganisation. My fridge and freezer are also looking good. I was organising one of the drawers in the kitchen and discovered that I have 5 pairs of scissors in various places. It is really amazing what you find when having a spring clean.

And now to move on and catch up on lost time due to a sleepless night. Have a good Sunday, take it easy, and enjoy. I leave you with yesterday’s evening sky. It was already preparing for a good weather day today.