Good Morning

At last a nice blue sky in the morning and the sun shining its way through the trees. It is really time, all we have had is dull days and rain last week. There is even the sign of a plane winging its way across the sky and even a bird. Life looks more promising now, and we even have rising temperatures.

I was again at home yesteday, but it did not bother me. I have a bit of a spring cleaning mood at the moment and cleaned out a small cupboard in the kitchen. I think we all have them, the cupboards full of junk what we really do not need forming an organised chaos. Actually it was not as bad as I thought, just a matter of system. Mr. Swiss decided to help, in case he found something useful. After a few minutes I told him to go and read a book. His idea was to throw away anything and everything, mine was more organisation. I am now quite pleased with my effort and cannot resist taking a quick look now and again to admire the new order. I even decided to clean out my oven yesterday evening. Baking bread on the high temperatures it needs tends to make it necessary, but now that is also done.

The birds have now gone and they no longer come to my garden. However, I am left with the natural meadow opposite my garden. It is left to grow in spring and not allowed to be mowed down until June. the idea is to let the flowers seed for next year’s meadow. It is eventually cut down and the farmers use it for hay for the animal feed during the Winter. There is such a wonderful mixture of flowers.

There is a wonderful mixture of daisies and flowers in all colours as well as various grasses. Now the sun is shining again and the rain as disappeared we can really appreciate it.

I so not think I will venture to the great outside today. It is so comfortable at home. I decided to plant some basil seeds. I got myself a small pot, but the are not doing to so well, so decided to plant it myself. Basil is a useful herb for various dishes in the kitchen. It goes well with tomatoes and also as a complement to pizza toppings.

As it is Saturday I am also busy with my orchids. I always give them a good soaking with some fertiliser for half an hour. Afterwards I put them outside and it serves them well for a week. They are all in flower as they are my new orchids. I hope to be able to keep them for a few years. I have another four from last year which have produced a couple of new shoots, so I am hoping they will also flower again this year.

And now it is time to concentrate on week-end routines, although I am free to do what I want. I have a few dishes planned. I find cooking sometimes like a music piece with a composition, interlude and grand finale when it arrives on the table. At the moment I am in the planning stage whilst taking a walk with my vacuum cleaner and visiting the shower.

Have a good week-end everyone, may it be a nice sunny one.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have a box in my office that I toss things that will be going to charity. Husband has taken to look into it and saying, “Oh, why are you giving that away–I can probably use it.” I need to find a new place for that box. That meadow is so pretty. I am sad to see the birds go, but you fed them well so they are probably reminiscing about Mrs AngloSwiss as they venture about. Enjoy the weekend, Pat.

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    • It is good to have a clear out now and again, but I have learnt not to ask Mr. Swiss. He wants to keep everything. Ever small box he keeps because he is sure he can use ti some time. The birds are still here, they do not go far, but they just do not visit as there is no more food. Now I get the bees and other insects arriving in the garden, they are not so fussy about their food.

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  2. Good morning … great photos … the meadow flowers and plants are so nice … we are letting a portion of our front lawn go back into meadow this spring … there were a few wildflowers that bloomed and we just decided to let that part go alone with the lawn mower visits .. and we will see what develops by summertime. Have a great weekend., Happy Mother’s Day … SLP …

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    • I love the wild flowers, some are not really so wild but have beautiful flowers. I think that is a good idea that you have and I am sure it will be a great reward. We have wonderful sunny weather and it has even got warmer.


  3. Good Morning!
    That is a nice mixture for a meadow. Our wild vegetation is mostly grasses that grow fast and then die off and dry about now. We have been cutting down a few acres of it prior to fire season, although fires can happen at any time after the rain. I just wrote about how English daisy is a common lawn weed, but no one seems to mind it.


  4. I have heard from people in five different countries that spring is very slow in coming this year. We get some warm days, but the nights are cold — too cold to put anything outside. It falls below freezing most night, even though it might warm up during the day. Today is chilly, though. Not freezing, just chilly and the sunshine we had in the morning has gone behind the clouds. Leaves are coming out, but they are kind of “half” out which is unusual. Normally, they really burst out in full right around now, but instead, they are miniature leaves. The flowers — the hardy ones — are okay, though not exactly thriving. I’ve got better flowers growing IN my house than outside.

    I’m grateful to the orchids. Once they come back, they have such a nice LONG lifespan!

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    • The weather is slowly improving here now. My Apple tees is full of blossoms and flowers are everywhere. The trees are doing fine and I find something new appearing in my garden daily. I have had my indoor plants outside for a week, but they are well sheltered on my porch


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