RDP Saturday: Expedition

My days of exploring are now gone. Old age brings other problems. The last expedition I undertook was about 5 years ago when Mr. Swiss and I decided to visit our local mountain, the Weissenstein. Above all we really wanted to try the new gondola system.

The old system was a chair lift, but after a few years discussion, it was decided to construct a gondola. It was no longer possile to get spare parts for the old chair lift when it had a problem.

Today my expeditions are to the local stores and town, perhaps a visit to the castle on the hill in our village, but I am content.

RDP Saturday: Expedition

Good Morning

At last a nice blue sky in the morning and the sun shining its way through the trees. It is really time, all we have had is dull days and rain last week. There is even the sign of a plane winging its way across the sky and even a bird. Life looks more promising now, and we even have rising temperatures.

I was again at home yesteday, but it did not bother me. I have a bit of a spring cleaning mood at the moment and cleaned out a small cupboard in the kitchen. I think we all have them, the cupboards full of junk what we really do not need forming an organised chaos. Actually it was not as bad as I thought, just a matter of system. Mr. Swiss decided to help, in case he found something useful. After a few minutes I told him to go and read a book. His idea was to throw away anything and everything, mine was more organisation. I am now quite pleased with my effort and cannot resist taking a quick look now and again to admire the new order. I even decided to clean out my oven yesterday evening. Baking bread on the high temperatures it needs tends to make it necessary, but now that is also done.

The birds have now gone and they no longer come to my garden. However, I am left with the natural meadow opposite my garden. It is left to grow in spring and not allowed to be mowed down until June. the idea is to let the flowers seed for next year’s meadow. It is eventually cut down and the farmers use it for hay for the animal feed during the Winter. There is such a wonderful mixture of flowers.

There is a wonderful mixture of daisies and flowers in all colours as well as various grasses. Now the sun is shining again and the rain as disappeared we can really appreciate it.

I so not think I will venture to the great outside today. It is so comfortable at home. I decided to plant some basil seeds. I got myself a small pot, but the are not doing to so well, so decided to plant it myself. Basil is a useful herb for various dishes in the kitchen. It goes well with tomatoes and also as a complement to pizza toppings.

As it is Saturday I am also busy with my orchids. I always give them a good soaking with some fertiliser for half an hour. Afterwards I put them outside and it serves them well for a week. They are all in flower as they are my new orchids. I hope to be able to keep them for a few years. I have another four from last year which have produced a couple of new shoots, so I am hoping they will also flower again this year.

And now it is time to concentrate on week-end routines, although I am free to do what I want. I have a few dishes planned. I find cooking sometimes like a music piece with a composition, interlude and grand finale when it arrives on the table. At the moment I am in the planning stage whilst taking a walk with my vacuum cleaner and visiting the shower.

Have a good week-end everyone, may it be a nice sunny one.