Good Morning

Yesterday was really a wet day, rain from morning to evening. Some time during the night it stopped. I had already prepared myself for the dismal day and had no reason to go anywhere. There was also a very strong wind blowing. Today should be better. I even saw some blue sky poking through, although there are still some remainders of rain hanging around. The weather forecast tells us that the week-end will be better and Sunday we will have temperatures of 20° which is almost a heat wave.

I even got a visit from two chickadees. I think they were searching for more shelter from the rain than food. They were perched on my bird house and looked quite wet and bedraggled.

The magpies are also still hovering around, but I only see them if they find something to eat. I was lucky to take this picture as they pounce quite quickly.

I am so pleased now with my fridge and freezer in the kitchen. The guy that made me an offer for a new one called to ask my opinion. I told him that I was would now wait a while as everything is now working OK and his offer did not meant my expectations. It was very expensive and not my choice of product. He said at the moment it was very difficult to find a fridge. He could not give me a good reason, but it could be something to do with the covid pandemic. In any case I have saved myself some money for the time being. I was also having a problem with my Dyson vacuum cleaner as the motor kept cutting off. However, I even managed to cure that myself. It was running on low capacity as I had probably pressed a wrong button. Now it is perfect again, so more money saved. The next problem was a clogged drain in the kitchen sink. I also cured that myself by a strong gush of water from the faucet and now everything seems to be more or less back to normal.

It was time for backing bread yesterday. This is the dough before I put it in the oven for the final baking process. It had already been rising in a warm place and I had worked on it afterwards.

This was the final product after being baked in the oven.

Yesterday was an evening of cooking programmes on the TV. First of all the “hairy bikers” were on the TV. They are two guys that are motor bike riders touring around Europe (the also did Route 66 in the States) visiting various towns and picking up food recipes in various restaurants. Yesterday they were on the Spanish coast. Afterwards Rick Stein, a British star cook and restaurant owner, had an hours programme. He was in France eating in various restaurants and showing how to cook various recipes. It seemed to me he just eat his way through the programme and Mr. Swiss and I got quite hungry just watching. Afterwards there followed another half an hour of a cooking programme “Great Biritish Menu”. I then decided it was time to read. You can have a little too much of cooking sometimes.

And I should now be on my way. I have a few things to organise and do not really want to greet the delivery man from my supermarket in my night dress, although I must say it is a respectable night dress. Have a good Friday, enjoy the day and remember, the week-end is just around the corner,,

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We have dismal weather today, very strong winds and the rain is lashing down in any old direction. MUST go and get some shopping done but sure don’t feel like walking through that November weather….
    Your bread looks astonishing! I’m coming from breakfast and my stomach is grumbling with anticipation. It doesn’t know that your bread is not his!
    And that clarity of your magpie is amazing!
    Have a good day.

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    • Sounds like we have the Same weather, it can only be better. Mymigros have already delivered and all is looking good. Everyone enjoyed the bread yesterday but now we have baked up Zopf for the weekend from Migros. I really seem to be a Mugros Mensch


  2. Good morning … great photos .. after following your adventures with bread baking .. I have started looking for easy bake recipes … and I have found a few … we will see about doing this now during the spring and summer months … it is very cool here today .. .almost like October .. so now would be a good time .. we will have to see … take care and have a great weekend .. SLP …

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    • I found baking bread quite relaxing. Making the dough is done in the machine. Afterwards just waiting for it to rise and then bake it. I use normal yeast, not packet stuff, and that gives good results. No bread making at the weekend, I do not need so much


  3. Good Morning!
    ‘Hairy Bikers’?! That sound REALLY weird, especially in Europe. Europe does not seem like the sort of place that would appeal to bikers. Is there even any ‘open road’ anywhere in Europe? Are ‘bikers’ different in Europe? I mean, do they ‘drive’ sleek and efficient European motorcycles instead of slow and classic sorts that bikers here enjoy so much? That is something that seems to lack in Europe. I enjoyed my trip on part of Route 66 very much, but driving in old American car was an important part of the experience. (It was not a particularly interesting car, but it was old and risky.) If I ever do it again, I would prefer to do so with an old classic Buick, perhaps even a convertible.

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    • They call themselves hairy because of the long beards they have. They ride the big bikes, not exactly Hell’s Angels but something in that way. We have a lot of such clubs in Europe and they always seem to travel in groups. I am not an expert on bikes but these two guys have two powerful bikes. Their main hobby seems to be eating and trying new dishes from the places they visit.

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      • I had to look them up. Their beards are rather trim, although they could use haircuts. They are certainly . . . different from American bikers. The food they feature is more interesting.
        Strangely, it seems that efficient European motorcycles would be more appropriate for the longer and emptier highways of America. American motorcycles might be more appropriate for cruising around slower on European highways. If I ever got to Europe, I would not want to speed through efficiently.

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  4. I ended up getting a new battery for my Dyson when it did that. So far so good. Fascinating that there would be biker-cooks! Route 66 is big in the US. I taught my foreign students about it long long ago and we listened to a few versions of the song. I think many went out and got their kicks on Route 66. When I was a kid it was the best way to get to LA from anywhere.

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    • I sort of grew up with the TV series. I believe today it is now quite a tourist attraction. My Dyson is now working well although I don’t know how long. Silly me didn’t realize that they had a battery


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