7 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Plum

  1. Actually, what is commonly available in Switzerland may be what we would have known as prunes decades ago. Prunes, both French and Italian, were the second most common crop of the orchards of the Santa Clara Valley. The bloom is the Official City Flower of Campbell, adjacent to San Jose. Those that were grown here were mostly dried. Those that were grown in home gardens for eating fresh are related Japanese species, which were known here as plums. Nowadays, no one seems to know the difference. Most people believe that dried prunes are merely dried plums, when in fact, they are two distinct types of fruit. European types are prunes. Japanese types are plums.

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      • Oh, the Damsons! I remember the name more than I remember the fruit, but they were popular for home gardens a long time ago. I never saw them in an orchard. I remember the ‘Satsuma’ plum used to be a traditional sort. ‘Santa Rosa’ was the most popular. It is not my favorite, but I will grow it because it is traditional.

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