FOTD 6th May 2021: Bleeding Heart

It is amazing how a stray seed from a neighbour’s garden can develop over the years. It began with a single stalk and two flowers. Over the past 20 years it has grown and developed and has now become a fully grown bleeding heart plant. It is always one of the first to grow and flower in my garden as Spring gets on its way. I just love it, it has character.

FOTD 6th May 2021: Bleeding Heart

Good Morning

Another dull and cold morning, no sun up to now although it might break through. Our temperatures are also not so perfect, below 10°C which is not exactly Spring weather. However whilst there is a computer you can always find something to do. At the moment I am having a gradual Spring clean, although nothing too adventurous. It began with defosting my freezer and fridge in the kitchen and deciding to throw away various food remainders in jars and bottles which had not been touched for a few years. I suppose it happens to all of us. You get used to seeing the same things in the fridge, they almost become family friends. One day you realise you do not need them, someone gave them to you or they were a free sample, so out with the old and definitely not in with the new. Life changes over the years and your requirements today have also changed. The next project is to tidy a few drawers in the kitchen. One has a mixture of string, paper rolls, tooth picks and various gadgets such as bottle and wine bottle openers, not to forget the many wooden tooth picks which like to line the bottom of the drawer.

Otherwise I escaped to town yesterday. Although our street cafés are now serving outside this café is still completely closed as it is being renovated. Since the pandemic with the hairy peas floating in the air, many businesses are closed and are taking the opportunity to renew. This particular café was usually a hive of movement during the normal days. Now it is closed although the chairs and tables have again been replaced outside, and due to the improvement of our covid cases, it might be opening soon. The café next to it is still completely closed but work is progressing also there. Our largest supermarket had a hotel next to it, but the hotel owners have now closed it. They were there many years but due to age no longer. That is a large building with many rooms which are now being converted in apartments. It is a bit of an obstruction with the renovation work, but one day that will be finished and things will be back to normal.

Mr. Swiss was low on supplies of his expensive, gold plated cigarettes.They have really become expensive through the years which was the main reason I gave up 25 years ago. He tried now and again, but eventually found that he could not manage without. I suppose at the age of 82 years and still thriving, except for back problems, you no longer bother. And so either myself or my son become cigarette messengers now and again. There is only one store selling them at a reasonable price so I took the opportunity to do some grocery shopping in my supermarket which is in the same place. Once a week I like to take advantage of the special offers and get some meat at the butchers counter instead of the ready packed selection.

I moved on passing part of our old town fortress protection on the way. I must say everything looked so fresh and clean in the sunlight with the clouds as a background. However, I was glad to be back in my scooter on the way home. It was very windy and not so warm. I had dressed warmly with my padded winter jacket and I really needed it. The sun was just an ornamentation.

I will now probably be remaining at home for the next few days, although Sunday is again warm weather so I might venture out on an excursion. Although I live in a wonderful picturesque village out in the country, there is not very much action here. My main work is gathering herbs from my raised bed in the garden for my cooking pastime.

And now to move on with some housewife hobbies like tidying up the apartment. Luckily Mr. Swiss has the chore of making the beds in the morning, so that little pastime is not on my list.

I wish everyone a good restful day. Make the most of the chores and work that confronts you during the day.

I leave you with a view towards south from our estate as I was wheeling home on the last stretch yesterday from town.