RDP Wednesday: Laughter

At the moment we are having voting for our local politicians and of course they all have posters showing their laughing faces. I saw this one today on the way into town (name and party obliterated by me). He is really having a good laugh. I hope that our bear next to his photo does not bring the axe down on him.

RDP Wednesday: Laughter

Good Morning

A bit of this and that this morning. Difficult to say if the sun might arrive, or it will stay cloudy and perhaps more rain. It was damp outside this morning as it had rained a little during the night. For those that might have noticed there was no good morning yesterday, but various things cropped up. I had a problem with my freezer in the kitchen. It is in my fridge combination and I use it for stuff I need in the kitchen. I have a large chest freezer in the cellar for the big stuff. As I pulled out the top drawer the freezing element lost contact with its holder and I could not fix it again. The freezer was functioning, but it really needed defrosting first of all. It was also cleaning lady day, and I had so much to organise, that my computer had to take the back row. I also got had a delivery from the supermarket to sort etc. etc.I had a defrosting freezer and a couple of meat supplies to vaccum and freeze and everything got a little too much.

However, Lucia the cleaning lady to the rescue. She is so practical, took a look at the freezer and realised the problem immediately. It was almost finished defrosting, she cleared away the ice and water and had a look. Discovered that the holders of the top freezing element had lost contact and fixed it for me with the help of a piece of wood and now it is working perfectly. In between she cleaned my shower and bathroom. This lady is really a pearl and a good support. She has also had an interesting life, from Columbia to Switzerland, and has written a book of her life. It is in German, but there might be an english version. It has not yet been published.

In the meanwhile we thought about buying a new fridge and freezer combination for the kitchen. I contacted the guy which has organised a few things for our kitchen (diswasher, oven and microwave). I got an offer yesterday, but was not very happy with it. I am wondering if it is a gold plated version judging by the cost, so have decided to wait a while as long as what I have is functioning OK. I had a look around in internet and found a few less expensive versions so will take my time.

Look who arrived again yesterday. I have to be so quick to get a photo. Here he was preparing to fly off after grabbing the choice of the day. He leaves the walnuts to the crows I think. The have bigger beaks and know how to crack them open.

As I no longer have bird visitors due to no further food supplies, the insects are slowly taking over in my photo choice. the bees are slowly occupying my insect hotel and squeeze their plump little bodies inside. As you can see after they move in they block the entrance and live in self chosen isolation. Apparently they are searching for a comfortable nesting place so perhaps I will be getting baby bees eventually.

I had another visitor and discovered the neighbour’s cat Roschti who had made himself comfortable on one of the outside chairs on the porch for a slelep. He is no problem and now and again I give him a supplement to his diet.

And that was my adventurous day. Mr. Swiss had to pay a visit to the dentist in the afternoon and I stayed at home. If the weather improves today I might venture out later. at the moment it is quite cold. It all depends on the rain staying away.

Have a good day everyone, take care and may the dreaded covid stay away. Glad to say that the cases in our country have decreased somewhat and we are now approaching the amount of 20% of the population that have been vaccinated.