5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Cleanser

    • Very busy. My deep freezer got in the way in the kitchen. The holder to the top shelf got bent. I had to defrost it. Luckily I have my freezer chest en the cellar to keep the food frozen. Thanks to my angel of a cleaning lady, she fixed it for me. I just did not have the time to write anything


  1. Mine are even worse. You can’t even put a ladder in front of the house to get to the windows, so other than when we power clean the house (which doesn’t fully clean them), they can become quite sunglass-like.

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    • Luckily I can clean them still myself, although it gets more difficult as I get older. Luckily they do not get so dirty when it rains. It is not only the glass I have to clean, but the frames also.


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