Good Morning

A misty morning, but no surprise after all that rain we had. There is a damp air, although in the meanwhile the sun is poking through. I also found it quite cooled down yesterday and our weather prophets have even said there will be snowfall on the higher slopes of the local mountains this week, but so far it does not look so bad. I am not sure what I am doing this week. I stay at home today and usually go into town on Tuesday afternoon since Winter has left us. I might postpone Tuesday afternoon to another time if the weather is not scooter or wheelchair friendly.

These birds visited over the week-end and this morning there has not been one single flying visitor. There is no food left and so they have moved on and busy on a worm search I suppose.

So what did I do yesterday. Not very much. Just sat around with my computer and camera taking views of the remaining birds from the Window.

As you can see there is a good view of the bird house and my herb bed with a few bits and pieces from the kitchen window. The wheelchair is useful for sitting on and roaming around in the garden for both me and Mr. Swiss, but it is one you have to push around yourself with the wheels, or have someone to push you. We have now ordered new chairs for outside as after 20 years in the cold and damp they have begun to be a little shaky and no longer so stable. In the summer months I am generally more outside than inside.

And that is all I have to say this morning. I am now on my way with some housewife chores and the trimmings. Stay safe and have a good week.