Good Morning

And another damp day dawns, although who cares about the rain. I am not going anywhere and have no special chores to deal with. Actually it would be time again to clean the oven. I am thinking about it, but the actions have not yet arrived.

Bird life continues at the feeding stations, although there is nothing very much left, but they stay adament to the last crumb of nuts. There is quite a crush at the food pods, and there is always one bird waiting for a space. I really do not have anything left for them and they are now on their own. I could order another packet. It only contains three pods, but they devour that within a week. Yesterday I planted some daffodil bulbs in my garden as they were in a bowl that had finished flowering and discovered two nice fleshy worms in the garden bed, so I do not think they will die a hunger death if they bother to dig aroiund.

As I do not go anywhere I will probably not have so many photos to show in future.

I had the usual boring day yesterday: a little TV which had nothing worth watching. They seem to show the same films all the time. I was busy composing a new order for the weekly groceries online. Otherwise a little bit of reading and emptying the washing machine and hanging the wash. In the meanwhile son No. 2 is on the phone so we are busy catching up on the news from Schaffhausen. I am glad to say that all is well. My son has had his Covid jab, and the daughter-in-law gets hers next week.

Keep safe everyone, have a good Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I like to plant forced bulbs after bloom too. Everyone else discards them. I know that it is unlikely that any will regenerate after being forced in a bowl, but I plant them just in case some of them have enough energy to produce pups. Pups will be too young to bloom next year; but someone in the future might eventually see their flowers, and wonder where they came from, . . . sort of how I wonder about the daffodils, callas and such around here. (Although, I suspect that the bulbs that bloom around here arrived in garden debris that was dumped here a long time ago, before the area was graded.)

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    • I have no problem in growing daffodils or tulips after they have flowered. They arrive again next year. Hyacinths are interesting. They make little bulbs, probably as you say pups, and after a few years you have fully grown hyacinths in the garden. I have three of them.

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      • That is impressive that your daffodils and tulips can bloom the following year. Mine have never done that. They take a year to regenerate a good healthy bulb. If mine survive at all, they may not bloom for a few or several years. Of course, they do not get much chill here.

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  2. Good afternoon it was sunny out, suddenly a severe thunderstorm pass through the area. The wind had 62 mph and the tree outside my window was often touching the ground. The winds brought cooler temperatures and are still with us today. My camera is out of use so no new pictures. Not a lot of new interaction each day is similar weekends and holidays are the same. It has been a long time since our television was on. I have been following my baseball team on Twitter. Have a pleasant day and be well.

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    • It is quite cool here today, not very friendly weather at all and it is raining. We do not have baseball here, but there is a snooker tournament on the British Television. Snooker is something like pool, but you have more balls and you have to put them in the pockets around the table. I used to play it now and again, my dad was quite good at it, but you have to go to a hall to play it as the table is quite large.


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