FOTD 2nd May 2021: Hemp

It is amazing what can appear outside on the porche between the paving stones. A seed does not need a lot of room, it spreads out a few roots and before you know it, you have a plant. Admitted that some plants are not planned, they just happen. I can assure you that this hemp or cannabis, or whatever, was not planned but it found its way. I can blame it on the birds and their various mixtures of seed. Although it looks like and smells like “weed” I would not try to smoke this sort as it would not meet the customer’s needs. I just let is grow. It looks quite attractive next to the table leg outside. I am not sure if it is the male or female variety. That will be seen if and when flowers and seeds appear. Me? no thanks. I do not smoke and have no interest.

FOTD 2nd May 2021: Hemp

12 thoughts on “FOTD 2nd May 2021: Hemp

  1. The cannabis seeds they use for birds are female plants. Good for making rope, baskets, fabric, and feeding birds. It actually makes a really attractive hedge when planted in a line. It’s tall and leafy and the birds love it.

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  2. Well, the related cannabis is known as ‘weed’ for a reason. When I was a kid, a similar seedling appeared in part of the garden that nothing would grow in. (It was the spot where automotive fluids got dumped.) I was pleased that it was pleased to grow there. It did well until it grew past the top of the fence, and the neighbor saw it. I did not know what it was, but learned that it was not hemp. Apparently, it grew from a seed that escaped from what the neighbor was growing. The neighbor was kind enough to remove it for me after its season.

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