FOTD 2nd May 2021: Hemp

It is amazing what can appear outside on the porche between the paving stones. A seed does not need a lot of room, it spreads out a few roots and before you know it, you have a plant. Admitted that some plants are not planned, they just happen. I can assure you that this hemp or cannabis, or whatever, was not planned but it found its way. I can blame it on the birds and their various mixtures of seed. Although it looks like and smells like “weed” I would not try to smoke this sort as it would not meet the customer’s needs. I just let is grow. It looks quite attractive next to the table leg outside. I am not sure if it is the male or female variety. That will be seen if and when flowers and seeds appear. Me? no thanks. I do not smoke and have no interest.

FOTD 2nd May 2021: Hemp

Good Morning

And another damp day dawns, although who cares about the rain. I am not going anywhere and have no special chores to deal with. Actually it would be time again to clean the oven. I am thinking about it, but the actions have not yet arrived.

Bird life continues at the feeding stations, although there is nothing very much left, but they stay adament to the last crumb of nuts. There is quite a crush at the food pods, and there is always one bird waiting for a space. I really do not have anything left for them and they are now on their own. I could order another packet. It only contains three pods, but they devour that within a week. Yesterday I planted some daffodil bulbs in my garden as they were in a bowl that had finished flowering and discovered two nice fleshy worms in the garden bed, so I do not think they will die a hunger death if they bother to dig aroiund.

As I do not go anywhere I will probably not have so many photos to show in future.

I had the usual boring day yesterday: a little TV which had nothing worth watching. They seem to show the same films all the time. I was busy composing a new order for the weekly groceries online. Otherwise a little bit of reading and emptying the washing machine and hanging the wash. In the meanwhile son No. 2 is on the phone so we are busy catching up on the news from Schaffhausen. I am glad to say that all is well. My son has had his Covid jab, and the daughter-in-law gets hers next week.

Keep safe everyone, have a good Sunday.