RDP Saturday: Union

4 years ago we were taken over by the work force of the builders. They renovated our apartment block from top to bottom. There were builders, carpenters, metal workers, plumbers and they all worked together on the job, each in his own area of work. Enjoying the outside did not come into the question and we were completely cut off from the outside world, having to manoever around building bricks and rubble. However, I developed my own way of life and discovered that there were many possibilities of photographs on a building site. The work force quite enjoyed seeing me with the camera in my hand, although the welder did tell me not to come to close as a flying spark might damage the camera lens.

One day my merry troop of workers decided on the idea of a group photo and here they are. I have never forgotten them. I wonder if they still remember me, the lady with the camera.

RDP Saturday: Union

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