Good Morning

We are back to the boring cloud cast days. It rained during the night and now the rain is still hanging around waiting to pounce again. It does not bother me so much. It is time that the garden got wet again, although I spray it every morning, but now things are beginning to grow and I am using my herb bed regularly.

Now and again I get a fresh pot of something that I need.I got some parsley in the store as I like to garnish some vegetables with it, especially carrots which give it a more intensive taste and of course boiled potatoes, especially if I serve them with fish. You can also see some sage here and chives and at the corner, still quite small, is a bed of origano, not to mention the thyme on the left front.

At the other end of the bed I have two sorts of rosemary, one variety flowering at the moment. In between I have some basil and savoury which I like to use when the fresh beans are in season. It is quite an adventure for me when I am cooking to see what would be ready to use. It makes it easier for me to cut the herbs as they are all growing in one of my raised beds.

I replenished the bird food with two hanging pods from the store and this is such a hit that they devoured more than the half in one day. Today there is a remainder still hanging and I have now decided enough it enough. At this rate they will cost me a fortune in food and summer is not bird feeding time. I just cannot resist taking photos of their action flights, but enough is enough. It is really time for them to begin to dig for worms and other fleshy insects. The vegetarian days of seeds are now finished.

I decided it was also time to get a few new orchids. They grow exceptionally well in summer outside and I lost a few during the Winter. I noticed a site on Facebook in Switzerland that sell orchids at a reasonable price. They have an offer of three orchids together for a good price and I decided to order yesterday. It is a long established company and there were a few good critics from customers on their web site. The orchids are delivered by DHL so they should arrive in good condition. I had such success last year with my orchids and all of them re-flowered, some for the second time. I still have 3 orchids which are producing new stems. Last year they spent the Winter in my spare room that I use as an office, but next Winter I will keep them in the living room opposite the large window.

Today is again the day of fresh bed linen etc. so I was busy already this morning stripping the beds to let them air out. I have already covered the duvet and cushions with fresh covers and the rest will follow later.

I will now move on to completing the bed revival and other daily chores. There will also be a spaghetti meal to cook for lunch. Keep well everyone, and keep safe. Do not forget, our blogs rely on us to be written.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures ot the herbs … I guess we can put up with the declining attendance at the bird feeder if the photos are going to be replaced with ones of the flourishing of the herbs and spices .. so wonderful .. have a great day … SLP …

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    • The birds are still pecking away. I harvested some Origano for my spaghetti sauce this morning which is now bubbling away. Otherwise a relaxed morning now that the bed linen is changed


  2. Good Morning!
    Are the orchids Cattleya orchids like the former? Those seem to be more popular than the Cymbidiums were years ago. One of my Cymbidiums has been with me since the early 1990s, and has been divided many times. I sent one to the office of someone I work with while it is blooming. There is no one here to see it. Another big white Cymbidium went to the site where we must all get our temperature taken in the morning before going to work. It is blooming on seven stalks this year. I do not grow Cattleya orchids, but should eventually get some. I know I will eventually acquire some from someone who no longer wants them after bloom.

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    • They are Phalaenopsis orchids. I am not an expert, but they look quite good on the web site. Last year I had a breakthrough with my orchids and now I want to try again this year. I already have a few that look promising. Just have to wait for the good weather outside. Seven stalks is wonderful, that I have never seen. We get three stalks at the most.

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      • Oh, of course. I got the wrong name. I meant Phalaenopsis, not Cattleya.
        Phalaenopsis do not require that you be an expert. They just need to be maintained. Cymbidiums are quite different, and tend to bloom with a few stalks. Seven small Cymbidium stems are not as flashy as three Phalaenopsis stalks.Cymbidiums are mixed with foliage. Phalaenopsis stand up more prominently above the foliage.

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  3. Good afternoon another spring for us. The windows are open for fresh air. I need to water my orchids or I will lose them. The herb garden looks very useful. Yes, bird feeding can be expensive. We were spending a lot when are feeding birds. Enjoy your spaghetti and have a stress-free day.

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    • I also like to open the windows until my husband complains he feels the cold. Today was a cooler day and quite overcast, but the rain stayed away.. My new orchids will be delivered tomorrow. I am quite looking forward to it. Had a good day today and managed to get everything done. Now for a quiet evening


  4. The best thing about orchids is that they bloom for such a long time. If you are patient enough to wait for blooming time to come around, after your orchid finds its niche, it will keep blooming. I’m considering getting another one two, but first I have to figure out where I can put it. I don’t have much room left.

    We’ve got the same weather as you. It’s not really cold, but the dampness and rain make it feel chilly. We do need the rain, but it does make ones bones ache, doesn’t it?

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    • Orchids are so much better than cut flowers. They are are more expensive, but flower so much longer and come again and again and are easy to care for.
      It was a dull day yesterday, but not so cold. It looked like rain, but the rain stayed away. I am so glad that I do not have to go anywhere unless I want to.


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