Good Morning

Where is the sun? It’s there but hiding behind one of the trees, although we do have some clouds this morning. However, the good weather continues. Spring is certainly a wonderful time of the year after the cold grey days of Winter. The world has become green again, dotted with some colour from the spring flowers.

I seem to have tulips everywhere this year. The leaves in the picture are from my peonies which are preparing to show a few flowers eventually. We call them translated from the German name Whitsun roses, so hopefully at whitsun they will show their flowers. Whitsun is at the end of May, so they still have plenty of time to develop.

I spent my time with the birds and bees outside on the porch yesterday afternoon. The few food choices outside were quite popular and the birds are even learning to share, especially the finch and tits, quite a colourful group. The sparrows are less friendly and usually prefer to eat alone. They share with no-one I noticed.

This little one decided to pose for a portrait.

Otherwise not such a busy day for me, but I like to relax. I was busy with my Kindle yesterday, engrossed in one of those weird books about mummies, vampires and demons, the last in a book series I like to read, the main figure being the daughter of Van Helsing, the man behind the demise of Dracula. She deals with ailments among the undead and other strange figures. They also have their medical problems. Mr. Swiss asked me what I am reading and did I notice he shook his head a little when I told him. He prefers more reality. I suppose everyone to their own taste.

There was not very much on the TV yesterday for entertainment with the film Shrek 2, the sequel to Shrek 1 which I had seen. Shrek 2 was not so exciting, more a children’s film and of course it had a happy ending. Today another day at home which suits me. I am planning (already) my next order for online delivery. The new special offers arrive on Tuesday for ordering and you get the preview today on Monday. I am becoming quite an expert in this field of knowledge. Todays meat was thawing nicely overnight in the fridge.

And now to get an early start to the day. I am planning on baking a bread today, although have plenty of time for that operation. I also want to tidy my food cupboard and kitchen freezer. I have a few unwanted items which have collected over the past few months which I will probably never use and it will only get older with the time.

Keep safe everyone and I hope the week begins well for all.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … ,great pictures of tulips … we are continuing to move our plants from the house onto the porch .. those that have been on the porch … hardening to the climate .. are going outside .. pot by pot … I am going to move some of the orchids to a different window .. a bit more morning sun .. and see if this stimulates them to bloom … we hope … have a great day .. SLP …

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    • I have already put my orchids outside. They had begun to make new stalks indoors. Last year i had a lot of success and I am hoping the same this year. Otherwise everything is now ready. I just have to remember to keep them away from the direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will burn.


  2. Good morning Pat more stormy weather today. We have a caregiver. I need to water my plants again today. It looks like the begonia is going to come back and the 2 cuttings are putting roots. Have a wonderful day and evening.

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  3. The Academy Awards were on TV last night. I don’t know why I watched it, quite honestly, when I only saw two of the movies–and they were both on Netflix. After almost 3 hours, they decided to do a song contest, so I gave up on watching any more awards and went to bed. I read about the rest of the awards online this morning. Thank goodness for the internet.

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