Good Morning

Another wonderful sunrise. I even ventured out into the garden, turned on the water and sprayed my garden. It is now time to compensate the failure of rain during the warmer weather. Due to concentrating on the garden I forgot to heat up the oven to bake up my Sunday platt bread which I buy half baked from the store.

However, whilst I was writing this morning piece I managed to catch up and am now eating my slices of freshly baked warm bread with some butter and jam – a good start to the food of the day. I also forgot to make my tea but now have a steaming hot cup waiting for me, so the day is saved. I must be getting old forgetting so much.

And I was again in town yesterday. It now looks almost like the pre-covid days when we would make the most of the good warm sunny weather and enjoy a drink outside. We seem to have got used to the idea of seeing masked people, although not so much when having a drink and something to eat. I must admit I never wear my mask outside unless I go into a closed space. Although I am now completely vaccinated you still have to be careful. Seeing carefree scenes like this reminds me of the good old days when we could move freely.

Even our many fountains in town, this one on the market place, attracted the crowds and kids for their water games. It was again a typical Saturday afternoon. If this continues, we might even have a few street musicians again. We are so lucky in our country to have such possibilities.

I also saw this wonderful display of potted plants on the steps of a town house.

I called in at the store to get a few items: mainly a weeks supply of cigarettes for Mr. Swiss and some special chocolates he likes. I also picked up a pot of basil for the outside garden. It was the second I bought. One I planted in my herb bed but this one will stay in the pot. You can never have too much and I like basil for flavouring my tomato salads and some Italian dishes.

After the evening meal it was a time of relaxation with a book, even the TV, although there was nothing really interesting on the box. I must have been a little tired from the outside weather and escaping to the great outdoors as I fell asleep in the chair already by 9.00 pm in front of the TV. However, no problem. Being a golden oldie I can please myself what I do. Needless to say I had an early night, following soon on the bedroom trail left by Mr. Swiss.

Today there will be no adventures and I will stay at home and enjoy the stressless life of a golden oldie. Sundays still have their advantages, even if they are not very much different to the other days. I wish you all a good Sunday with no stress. Take it easy. Isolation is not really so bad I find. I enjoy escaping from the maddening crowds now and again.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. great photos this morning .. .it is nice to see your village coming back to life … we were out shopping yesterday and my wife remarked that it seems people are a bit more relaxed now about coming out .. probably because they have been vaccinated? Dunno .. we are still wary … today is another batch of plants to be taken from the glass foyer where they have been hardening .. out onto the front walk … I liked the photo of the townhouse with all the plants already out on the front steps .. we are a bit behind them .. but catching up fast … have a great day … enjoy your bread .. SLP …

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    • This was the town of Solothurn, just along the road. We only have one street cafe in our village and a population of 900 people. You do not see so many on the Street here, not even in the pre Covid days


  2. Good morning, the bread looks delicious. I have not tried the pre baked loaves, I will put that on my shopping list. I am not wearing my mask outdoors unless I come in contact with a large group. Just praying for the day this is all behind us. Enjoy your relaxing day

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    • I like to get a pre baked for the week-end. I could bake a platt bread, but like to take it easy at the week-end and they are nice a fresh from the oven. I have problems with my mask as my glasses get steamed up and I cannot concentrate so well when riding my scooter. I only wear it when the law calls for it.

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  3. Good Afternoon last a thunderstorm brought rain through the valley and the storm is still around.
    A disaster happened yesterday while trying to water my plants. I knocked a lovely begonia plant off its shelf. I make cuttings the original plant looks sick. Some of the plants’ pots are too heavy for me. I like the street scene is a nice picture and would make a great puzzle. Enjoy your Sunday and be well.

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    • You seem to have quite a few thunderstorms. It is a bit of a disaster when a plant falls. It takes a time for it to recover again. I spent rhe afternoon outside on the porch. It is such lovely weather

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  4. I can’t water my front garden. For reasons I find impossible to understand, they put a faucet in the back of our house, but none on the side or front. Whoever designed this place was not thinking clearly.

    Your town looks WONDERFUL with all the pots of flowers on the steps and everyone looking like they are having a good time. Life is coming back.

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    • I have water for the back and front gardens. Silly me forgot to remove the hoses during the winter, but I was lucky and the cold weather did not damage them and they are still working.
      The good weather has now drawn the people out. Now we must see how the Covid behaves. There are still new cases daily and the government are still keeping restrictions on people meeting and keeping some stores closed. It would be so good if new cases would stop appearing


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