Good Morning

A little cloudy this morning and still a nip in the air. There were even some spots of rain which I hope stays away. Yesterday evening I decided to upload the battery to my wheelchair as I plan for a small excursion this afternoon to the local castle and chicken run. After staying at home for almost two weeks I think it is time to go places and see things. The battery needs a complete night to upload fully and it is now ready. I was actually thinking about getting myself a normal wheelchair for manual propulsion. I have one left from Mr. Swiss who never uses it, but it is one of the simpler versions and not really designed for longer travels. However, I would need my hands more for moving one and they are no longer as good as they were. I can still type, but writing is becoming a problem and now and again my hand gets a little fixed. Not very often, but it will not get better with the years. I think I will have a talk with the guy at my wheelchair suppliers. He is very good and visits me now and again if I have a problem. I have discovered over the years that talking it over with doctors and specialists is OK, but not really the solution. They tend to stick to their text books and not so much with personal experiences. I am the one that uses these gadgets and know what I need.

In the meannwhile I am getting all sorts of flight demonstrations from my birds. The only food I have for them is hanging and that needs more calculated approach demonstrations.

There also seems a waiting line for access to the goodies.

Although a chirpy discussion sometimes solves the problems. These two seem to be sharing the food, perhaps it is a pair.

Otherwise a normal Saturday.

I did bake yet another bread as it suited the chilli con carne I made for the evening meal. It was still a little warm when I served it and of course very fresh. Needless to say there was little remaining afterwards, but I did manage to rescue some for my breakfast.

Otherwise it was a TV evening. The funeral of Prince Philip of Great Britain was again shown in the evening on one of the BBC channels. Now I could watch it in peace as I was cooking in between when the live broadcast was showing in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss had already retired for the night and my No. 1 son happened to be in the living room when it started. He is an autist, but has his own taste in TV programmes and the British Royal family always interested him, so he took a seat with me in the living room and we both watched it. On the way I could explain to him who was who in the royal family. I remember when he was still a kid and we were in London seeing Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s London residence. He was most disappointed that he did not see the Queen and we had quite an autistic tantrum outside the palace, although I do not think the Queen noticed it. I must say the funeral also interested me with the music which reminded me of my school days. It was fascinating to see how the eight men in their uniforms carried the coffin up the steps to the church and did everything so perfectly. It was a masterpiece of organisation.

And now time for me to do something more useful than write on the computer with my masterpiece of organisation. I have a dinner to cook, a veal ragout, but once on its way I can leave it for a while and attend to other tasks. Have a good Sunday everyone, take it easy and may it be a restful one.

And just to add, the sun has appeared and no more rain. I must have done something right to deserve it.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I found it especially poignant to see the Queen seated by herself. Until they panned to her late in the service, I could watch with interest but no tears. I can’t imagine her without Prince Phillip. The music, the service, spare and surprisingly restrained for a royal event, seemed oddly personal, something the royals rarely have where every detail of their lives is broadcast to hundreds of millions. I appreciate the fact they didn’t broadcast the coffin being lowered into the floor or dwell on the family or the Queen in their sorrow. I was amazed how excellent the four person choir was at substituting for a full choir in these times of COVID-19. Let’s face it, when it comes to pageantry, public events, no one does it better than the British. This was a very tasteful coverage of a sad time.

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    • I think the coffin went afterwards in the family vault which is something special. It probably has an entrance door and specially trained staff put the coffin into the vault. It would not be lowered. I knew some of the music, especially when they played the seaman’s hymn which we sometimes sung at school. The Queen was sitting on her own beause of the Covid rules. She was not part of a “family bubble apparently”. I grew up with the royal family but never really had patriotic feelings. I now realise how much it means and they do not really do any harm. There are many other villains in high places in this world who are there for no real purpose except than bother everyone.


  2. Lovely pics today. And, yes, I was captivated by the ceremony yesterday as well as by the Grace of the Queen. Like most Americans I suspect, I’ve learned much about the Prince this week and the reasons for his exceptional reputation.

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    • I remember a few anecdotes about the prince, not all as his wife would had like it to be, but that is now history. Basically they did not do a bad job together, it is just the younger generation that are not as good as they should be.


  3. Good evening the weather is still the sun shining, clouds and wind at times, it reached 70F yesterday, nights are cold. Your bird pictures are outstanding. The bird is feeding the other is the parent feeding her young. Great catch! As I got older my feet and fingers have changed, I am just happy my fingers are still straight not curl like the elderly from my childhood. Have a safe trip and be well.

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    • Today, when I decided to go out, the sun disappeared and it was very unfriendly weather, even a few spots of rain. Our birds are still fluttering around, they don’t give up where food is concerned. My fingers are not curled, but they have some strange lumps and bumps.

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