RDP Saturday: Chance

My photo shows the River Thames as it flows past St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. I have no photos of Buckingham Palace, or Windsor although I know both places quite well. This afternoon I had the chance to watch the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, the British Queen’s husband. It’s strange, but I was never a keen fan of the British royal family. They lived in their palace on one side of town and I lived in my back street on the other side. I heard the sounds of the TV from the living room at the beginning of the afternoon. We do not usually watch TV until early evening, but Mr. Swiss had switched it on to watch the funeral. I was in the kitchen with my computer and so I also decided to also watch. It seems that as I am getting older I am getting more sentimental and we both watched until the end. Actually I quite liked the Duke. He brought a little spirit into the Royal Family. Another icon is gone from my past, there are not many left. The Queen is now 95 and I felt a little sorry for her as she took some falteing steps on her own. 73 years with the same husband is an achievement. I am sure they agreed to disagree sometimes.

RDP Saturday: Chance

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