FOTD 15th April 2021: Caucases Forget-my-not

I love this perrenial plant. I remember my sister-in-law gave it to me and said they like to spread, and they certainly did in my garden, but are no problem. I have had them for at least ten years and they return every year. Their roots survive the frost througout the winter. It is a wonderful splash of blue in the garden.

FOTD 15th April 2021: Caucases Forget-my-not

5 thoughts on “FOTD 15th April 2021: Caucases Forget-my-not

  1. There are a few flowers that look like this, even though they are not closely related. The common forget me not is still blooming here. I think it is my favorite because it is the most profuse. However, the sort in your picture are more reliable.

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