RDP Wednesday: Insect

I have an insect hotel in the garden, actually two. Sometimes the rooms are occupied and I do not even know by who. They do not ask if there is a room free, that just move in. In this case it seems the fire bugs were on the search for comfortable living quarters. There were still some rooms free, but it seems this must have been the penthouse suite as they were all aiming for it.

RDP Wednesday: Insect

8 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Insect

    • I got mine as a gift from my store. I had to collect tokens. It is a good idea and enables insects to nest, likevwadps and other useful bugs. I have two in my garden you can easily make them yourself

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  1. So interesting to have a hotel fo insects.It never happens here,instead people are busy on how to get money.In the market places they use defferent ways to attract or win a customer.e,g shouting!Have a great day.Keep safe.

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