Good Morning

I think I am privileged to have such a view in the morning, especially on the sunny days. Although we are still having minus temperatures during the night and the early morning, there are clear blue skies and a sun to illuminate it all. My days of growing up in a back street of the East End of London were entirely different. A view over the neighbouring roof tops, grey in grey and the only wild life a pigeon that might be sitting in a gutter somewhere.

My local wild life has just arrived in the shape of the neighbour’s cat, Roschti. He is my regular visitor, naturally with food in mind, but he never leaves with empty paws. I have a small supply of feline specials in case he arrives. He has now been living here 18 years and has become part of the local family.

Of course the local bird life is also ever present, although their numbers are diminishing. The hard days of winter are now gone and they have to fend for theirselves, although they seem to be thriving well. I just leave the birdhouse ouside for a few weeks and they will pick it clean, meaning I do not have to clean it. Mr. Swiss said we can now put it in the cellar, but I said it will stay outside. It still looks quite good.

I spent the day making my new online order for delivery on Friday. It has become a routine, but I really have to be careful to order everything. I am now well stocked on frozen goods which i cannot order online as they cannot be delivered. We have good weather during the day, so if really necessary I could take a quick trip along the road to the local store, even into town. If I really need something important No. 1 son is in town daily and can fetch it for me. I noticed yesterday that my Vitamin D drops at at an end slowly, so he brought me a supply yesterday. It is the only medicine I take except for my MS injections. Apparently it is a good protection for the health. The good thing is you can just buy them at a very reasonable price here and do not need a doctor’s prescription

And now to move on. I will probably be at home today dealing with this and that, but nothing special. I wish you all a good day.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon our weather is still the same but some clouds added, nights cold, and strong winds at times. It is nice to seeRoschti still around. The leaves on the tree are showing green today. The smaller birds arrive, a collared dove landed on the patio, it was eating something, I suspect is a piece of bread. I couldn’t see what it was. Going somewhere is always a nice event for Seniors. my last trip tired me out it a few days to recover. Have a wonderful day and night. Be well.

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    • I have to give myself a push to go anywhere at the moment. It is so comfortable at home. The afternoons I might finish baking a bread and work on the photos I have taken. Otherwise I have to take a midday sleep after lunch, perhaps read a book. I was always the busy housewife, but now at last I can take it easy. I have such a good solution buying my groceries on line. Keep well and safe

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