One Word Sunday: Blob

Our old town of Solothurn seems to be full of blobs, mainly on ground level. Some years ago they decided to repave the streets as in the olden Roman days with the patterns of cobblestones. I am not sure if it was really a good ides. It looks good but can be a little uncomfortable for travelling purposes and very bumpy. My wheelchair or scooter has got used to it and I know which places to avoid. Wish everyone a blobby week.

One Word Sunday: Blob

7 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Blob

  1. Same here. In the 60s they ripped up the old cobblestones and tarred the streets and places in the old city. 50 years later they changed a lot of the streets into pedestrian zones and felt that the tar looked ugly. They (aka: the town administration) bought expensive cobblestones from small villages which were eager to modernize. I kind of guess that in another twenty years, they might be looking for cobblestones … Meanwhile as you say: cobblestones are lovely to look at but uncomfortable to walk (I wouldn’t trust them in high heels) and ride with bike and scooter, and really slippery when wet.

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    • My walking days are almost gone, definitely in town, but it is a bit bumpy on the stones when you have wheels. I remember in my more mobile days, in winter it could be very dangerous on the ice and snow

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