Good Morning

This looks like a dramatic morning, but no worry. Five minutes afterwards the clouds had decided to soften up a bit, although it is quite cold out there. The sun has also arrived. So here I am sitting on my own in the kitchen with just my radio and computer for company. Of course I made myself something to eat and drink so the day can continue. I want to have a relaxed day with no unnecessary tasks. Lunch will be plain and simple.

Yesterday evening I composed my online shopping list. I had to stock up on pasta and I have no toothpaste reserve. I like to have a few tubes in my store just to be sure. Plain white flour is also very low. I must be so careful to remember everything as I I have no great intentions of going anywhere this week, at least not in the next few days. Rain is predicted and not the best weather for travelling by scooter or wheelchair.

The birds are still visiting although they no longer have such a choice of food

And another visitor just arrived. It was Roschti the neighbour’s cat who seemed to be a little thirsty. He knows there is always something for him at my place. I had already fed him with a few feline treats this morning and his feline colleague from the neighbourhood also arrived. There seems to be a telepathic communication between the felines in the area. Roshti stayed a few minutes quenching his thirst and has now moved on.

In between the magpie also arrives which reminds me I should put out a few peanuts and walnuts for the bigger birds Alas there is not very much left for all and next week they will really have to move on to other pastures. I will miss them as my morning visitors.

The chaffinch also arrived for it’s morning visit to see what was left in the bird house – not very much.

Yet another Harry Potter film yesterday, but this time with a difference. It was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I had never read. It was a good film and left the clue to watch the next and final film, The Deathly Hallows which would be the last of the series and also the last book that J.K.Rowling wrote. At the time when I read the books Kindle were quite new so I had them as normal bound books. I saw I can now upload the complete series on Amazon which I will probably do. Reading normal books is now a little complicated for me. I prefer the comfort of my chair and the lighting effects on the Kindle.

And I will now move on to other pastures. There will be some ironing to do, but I think I will leave that for later in the day. Have a restful Sunday everyone, take it easy and see you all later.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. I am learning the names of all my birds by reading your blog daily … wonderful photos of the earliy morning sky where you live .. take care and have a great day .. SLP …

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  2. This article posted this morning after yours. I thought you might find it amusing, even if there are no hummingbirds there. They are so common here that Mount Umunhum to the south of San Jose is named for them. (‘Umunhum’ is the word for hummingbird in the language of the Ohlone who used to live here.) Some people really like them in their gardens. Many native plant species that rely on them for pollination bloom with specialized tubular flowers that fit hummingbird beaks, and with colors that hummingbirds like, primarily red and orange.

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  3. Good afternoon the sun is shining but will a cool day. Not much is happening, I spent a lot of my looking for photos I know we have. I don’t whether it was WordPress or Google was responsible for my problems. Great seeing Roschti again. I found putting out will bring a lot of animals when we’re traveling. Enjoy your Harry Potter film safe later today and stay safe.

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    • Also a sunny day here. No stress today, just relaxed and taking it easy. Ordered the food for the week and can now just do what i want to. Am now watching the final film of Harry Potter


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