Good Morning

It is raining, long time no see. We have had cold weather, a little bit of freak snow, but since at least a month no real rain. It must have begun some time in the early morning and now everything is a little damp outside. I do not mind. I am not going anywhere over the week-end, but living the life of a lady at leisure, at least that is my intention.

Things are getting a little crowded at my bird house. It is the main feeding place at the moment. Our stores have now stopped their supplies of food for the birds and I can no longer order online, so my feathered friends will now have to deal with what nature supplies. They will not starve as there is a supply of food if they like to search for it. They will now have to become carnivores for a while and help to keep the insect population under control.

I found half a bag of rolled oats in the cupboard which may not be No. 1 on the hit parade of bird food, but it did encourage a few sparrows. Mr. Swiss had appeared in the kitchen in the meanwhile for his wake up cup of coffee and suddenly remarked that there was a magpie in the garden. I was immediately in action, telling him to move to one side to get a photo of the visitor. Magpies are fans of walnuts and peanuts and I discovered that rolled oats also form part of their favourites.

A crow also took a walk yesterday through the grass surrounding our garden, but it was more a sighseeing tour, perhaps to see if there was anything on offer.

I listen to radio during the day as background music and also keep up on the latest news. My favourite programme is Classic FM which is a selection of mainly classical music – perhaps the classical hit parade. Yesterday the programme was interrupted by the announcement that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away, the husband of the British Queen. I am not really a royalist, but the royal family were part of my life from the beginning and I must admit the Duke was my favourite. He added some spice to the establishment. I now realise how much the background of the British Royal family played in my life. I am now a golden oldie, they are even more golden and old and slowly they will pass, the Duke was 99 years old and the Queen now 94 years old. An era is disappearing, my life’s background. The death of the Duke of Edinburgh has affected me more than I would have thought.

I was back with yet another Harry Potter film yesterday evening. I had a quick check and discovered that I had not read the last two books of the series, so will be catching up. I remember how I got to know Harry Potter, and it was a strange coincidence. I was then living my middle aged life as mother and working lady in Switzerland and Mr. Swiss brought the first Harry Potter book home. A Swiss colleague gave it to him to read saying how good it was, although to that time it was classified as a children’s book. It was in German, but I picked it up and began reading and was captured by it. Although reading German was no problem for me, I decided to order the original in English and that was how it begun. Over the years I read every new book, but somehow missed out on the last two books. It has been many years, but I am now determined to catch up on them.

Today is Saturday, so the beginning of the week-end, although for golden oldies week-ends have lost a little of their meaning, every day almost being a week-end. Friday used to be the day of the big week-end shopping and Saturday the day when went into town to get what I had forgotten. It is now a very sober list of requirements ordered online. Today it will be some lamb chops, green beans and pasta and in the evening a chicken. Tomorrow probably steak and french fries , although I can easily change my choice according to the freezer contents. I also discovered that I have a few remainders of fresh veg in my fridge: one courgette, one fennel, and half a red cabbage which I should really cook some time this week. I also have half a packet of brussel sprouts which would be enough for Mr. Swiss and I for tomorrow lunch. No. 1 son does not eat them (probably because they are green) so I will cook one of my other veg for him.

And now to depart to a few household chores. I also saw I have a few things for the iron, but not many, just a few minutes work and it is done. Have a good week-end everyone and make the most of it. Wrap up warm, there might be a nip in the air. Keep safe

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    The Duke of Edinburgh is big news even here, and even though not many people know who he is. I suppose that at his age, he is entitled for a dignified departure. It is sad nonetheless that his wife is now without him. People here do not know much about royalty of other cultures, but mechanically inclined guys who know who the Queen of the United Kingdom is are impressed that she did automotive repair during World War II.
    Rain is enviable! We are pretty certain that our rainy season that finished earlier than normal this year will not resume. It is expected to stay dry until next autumn.

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    • Looking back on my past British life, and remembering what mum and dad always said. the queen was OK. She was driving a jeep in wartime. I saw her once in my life when I was a kid. She visited a local hospital with Phillip. Our rain has come and gone, but next week will probably be a lot more with falling temperatures.

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  2. Good morning … great photos .. .Prince Philip was a class act … he was the original feminist they are saying here on TV … good for him … have a great weekend … SLP …

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  3. Good afternoon, a spring day as the sun is shining and no wind. Weekends are different for us as we have no caregiver, Kathy spends time on Friday fixing easy-to-make food for weekends. I have been awake for a while but just fixed some food. My lovely spider plant fell off its shelf yesterday, it so large, it had no water and the pot was too small. It got the new pot and it still lovely. Thought Elizabeth and Margaret spent the war years in Canada. Enjoy your Harry Potter books and stay healthy.

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  4. Even though I’m American, I’ve always been fascinated by the Royals, and Prince Philip seemed quite down to earth and pleasant and I feel sad that he’s gone. . He and the Queen were married 73 years!

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    • He was an interesting person. His mother lived for years in Buckingham Palace until she passed away that many did not know. He was one of the best royals


  5. We have been mobbed by Brown-headed Cowbirds. They push all the other birds out of the way to get to the food, so we’ve been taking in the feeders and hoping this drives some of the cowbirds to find food elsewhere. There’s plenty of natural food around right now anyway, I just miss all my beautiful finches. This is when the Goldfinch and Purple and House finches start to really show their colors. Until the cowbirds find another place to chow down, all the feathered friends will have to fend for themselves.


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