FOTD 9th April 2021: Blanda Anemone

I really do not know where they came from. I did not plant them. They first appeared about 5 years ago in my flower bed, just one or two. Now they are everywhere, but they only stay for a few weeks in April and then disappear for the rest of the year, like the other Spring flowers. They have taken over from the crocus that have now disappeared. When nature makes a decision she thinks it through.

FOTD 9th April 2021: Blanda Anemone

2 thoughts on “FOTD 9th April 2021: Blanda Anemone

  1. I have those two. Our are usually white, but sometimes light purple or blue. They are wild asters, I am told. The show up. Sometimes a lot of them, sometimes just a spray of them. they are very pretty and I think they are the original flowers from which many other species have been bred.

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