RDP Thursday: Seminal

The cucumber seeds fought their way through the earth and were proud to have produced their first fresh green leaves. They were dreaming of the day when they would produced their own seeds in a cucumber.

Then the shaggy mane mushroom appeared and laughed at the cucumbers. “You are really quite pathetic. You are only here because someone planted your seeds. Look at me, all my own work. No-one plants my spores. I grow because I am. We are the professionals in the growing world, you are still the amateurs and will be eaten. I will return again, but no-one knows where. I do it all on my own.*

RDP Thursday: Seminal

11 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Seminal

  1. Reminds me of Sylvia Path’s poem, “Mushrooms”. Though it is metaphorically about women’s rights by most interpretations, it works on a literal plane as well:

    Overnight, very
    Whitely, discreetly,
    Very quietly

    Our toes, our noses
    Take hold on the loam,
    Acquire the air.

    Nobody sees us,
    Stops us, betrays us;
    The small grains make room.

    Soft fists insist on
    Heaving the needles,
    The leafy bedding,

    Even the paving.
    Our hammers, our rams,
    Earless and eyeless,

    Perfectly voiceless,
    Widen the crannies,
    Shoulder through holes. We

    Diet on water,
    On crumbs of shadow,
    Bland-mannered, asking

    Little or nothing.
    So many of us!
    So many of us!

    We are shelves, we are
    Tables, we are meek,
    We are edible,

    Nudgers and shovers
    In spite of ourselves.
    Our kind multiplies:

    We shall by morning
    Inherit the earth.
    Our foot’s in the door.

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