Good Morning

Morning has broken it seems, altough still quite cold temperatures in the early morning, but it will warm up during the day. I hope so as I should go to town this afternoon. I should pick up some cash from the money machine and Mr. Swiss needs his beloved cigarettes (although who am I to forbid them with his golden oldie 81 years). Temperatures of 11°C are prophesied for the the afternoon, so I will survive. Yesterday was a day at home and I really did not feel like going anywhere. it was just me, my computer, camera and the birds.

The days are slowly coming to an end for feeding my little feathered friends, but I am sure they will survive. The stores are no longer selling bird food and I can no longer order it online. I still have a few small remainders and some walnuts and peanuts for those birds with the bigger beaks.

Something like the magpie that braved her way through the layer of snow to fulfil her dietary needs. I am sure they will all find enough to eat during the summer. The worms are appearing and some of the early wild flowers are already forming seeds. Actually I am probably the only person still feeding them where I live. The other neighbours closed down their bird feeders some time ago, but they do not take photos.

This morning was quite a busy morning.

The dough is already rising for today’s bread. I will not have time in the afternoon to make the daily bread, so I will be baking it this morning and making the pastry was my first task today. It really only takes five minutes with my kitchen aid machine and the rest is just yeast work. I never realised that bread making was such easy work.

The chaffinch seem to be my main customers at the moment, although the sparrows are always here. They seem to be the scavengers of the bird tribe.

I just heard the footsteps of Mr. Swiss meaning he has also no decided to stop hugging the bed and he has now joined me in the kitchen, so we are both listening to the BBC news on the radio. After 52 years of Swiss life I seem to have discovered my British roots again. Yesterday evening was another evening with a Harry Potter film, “The Prisoner”, although I had seen it already during the Easter week-end. However, not all of it as I had to interrupt the viewing with a few household jobs. Yesterday was one of those evening when I could just relax and watch the TV and saw the complete film. Even Mr. Swiss is watching the films, but is sometimes a little lost. He had never read any of the books.

Again time to move on to pass some time with my mop and vacuum cleaner and I also have a spaghett sauce to cook. For some unknown reason we mainly eat spaghetti for lunch on Thursday.

Look after yourselves, have fun and look on the bright side if possible.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … good to see that the snow has melted and did not do too much damage to the daffodils. We like that !!! Take care … your bread is probably all baked now by the time you read this … so have a great day and enjoy your fresh baked bread …. !!! SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon a storm is passing through the area. There be strong winds with. It is near the time irrigation water will fill the canals and ditches. I have an annual doctor’s appointment this morning. Your pictures are downloading today and I missed seeing them. Have a good journey to town this later in the day. Stay safe!

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    • It is quite seasonal here as it is assumed that the birds find their own food during the Summer months, We have really cold seasons here in Winter and the birds then depend to being fed. The stores just donot sell bird food during the summer months.

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      • When I did gardening for neighbors when I was a kid, I filled bird feeders throughout the year. There were various species of birds in various seasons of course. Hummingbirds were active all year, even through winter. It seemed sad that such small birds lived outside while the weather was cool. Hummingbirds really enjoy their specialized bird feeders. They do not eat seed, but just got sugar dissolved in water.

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    • I do not have a break making machine. I use my normal Kitchen Aid machine for mixing the dough, but it does it in a few minutes. Then I let the dough rise for a couple of hours, form it and put it in the backing container for another half an hour to rise. Afterwards I bake it (with a lid) for half an hour, then remove the lid and it nicely browns for a quarter of an hour in the oven.

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