Good Morning

What a wonderful morning light you might be thinking. I must admit it looks good, although appearances can be deceptive. If you moved the camera angle into the garden, you get this.

Yes the promised snow arrived some time in the early hours of the morning. There were still a few flakes in the air when I took my first steps outside.

My poor daffodils were quite bent over with the weight of the snow, although during the morning it will probably be gone and they will standing upright again. We have a saying in the German language that April does what it wants and that is true. We get a bit of everything. I was expecting the big snow yesterday, but there were just a few flakes and I even went to the store along the road. They were having an offer on 2 Kilo bags of frozen French fries so I got myself a couple of bags. They are always useful and cook very well in my air fryer: just 20 minutes and a nice crispy result.

And look what I saw in the garden yesterday. This little bird did look a little different to the others Not quite a canary, but it was yellow I think it was a yellow fink. At the moment the bird feeder places are quite crowded. I thought they would now be busy nesting but it seems the cold weather has make them hungry.

The sparrow even gave a flight demonstration whilst the other sparrows looked on.

I also got my 3 month supply of MS medicine this morning. I had to be very careful to hear the postman ring, he only rings once and if I do not hear him, he leaves with my medicine and I have to organise another delivery. In Summer it is delivered in large wooden boxes with ice packs, to keep it cool enough. However, nature is supplying her own cold conditions at the moment so it arrives by special all night post in boxes. It arrived and I needed about half an hour to unpack it all and store it in my second fridge that I have especially for the purpose. As the medicine is used I can use the fridge for some groceries: quite a good organisation. The medicine is in mixed injections. Before I apply it I have to mix the alcohol with the powder in the syringe. After about 5 years practice I have become quite an expert and know how to do it.

Otherwise I do not think I am going anywhere today.I have everything organised and it is too cold for a pleasure trip.

There was yet another Harry Potter film yesterday on the TV. Even Mr. Swiss is beginning to enjoy them and said something about another one this evening.

And I am not off to other chores. I have spent enough time today dealing with this and that. Have a good one everyone, enjoy. Our mountains are also looking a bit on the snowy side today, but that will also pass – I hope.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos .. I am sure the daffodils don’t like the snow and probably think it was quite a shock actually !!! Take care and have a great day … SLP …..

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  2. Good afternoon the sun is shining for another spring day. Getting your medications always important. I am happy that I don’t have to stick myself. Ours comes monthly and the pharmacy delivers them. The main reason we chose that one. The yellow bird remains me of our yellow warbler or goldfinch. It is different from what I have seen before. Our stimulus money was in our bank account today. So we need to g on a spending spree. Not sure what we will buy. My husband wants night viewing binoculars and needs a shaver. Since added calcium, dh3, and 3 other minerals pill, I am feeling so much better. I am no longer have an underlying layer of depression. Enjoy your TV this evening and stay safe!

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    • Quite a nip in the air today with a layer of snow, which has now gone. I order my medicine for a three month supply. I have to keep it under refrigeration, but I have my own fridge for it. The bird was probably a chaffinch. We see them now and again. It was quite a good film yesterday with plenty of Fantasy

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  3. OH MY! That is . . . not what I expected after such a nice pleasantly warm day today. It would have been nice if our winter had lasted longer. We got only 20 inches of rain, and expect no more until next autumn. Too much rain and not enough rain are bad for fire season. Too much produces excessive vegetation which fuels fires. Not enough allows the forest to get drier sooner.

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    • It wasn’t what I expected either, but April is a mixed up month here. We haven’t seen rain for some time which is not so good for nature. However when the weather behaves I can get out more.

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