Good Morning

I almost gave up this morning. Tuesday is always a bit of a stress morning with a cleaning lady and a supermarket delivery of weekly food supplies, but here I am at 11.20 in the morning, although work is not yet finished. Dinner meat is cooking and I have some Spätzle that I want to make to accompany the meat, although that does not take so long. After my delivery arrived from the store, the lady chauffeur rang again to say she had discovered two cubes of yeast that must have dropped out of my delivery. I usually only order one cube and I think they had a bit of a mix up, so now I have 3 cubes, enough for 6x 500 grammes bread which is not so good, because the life of a yeast cube is only about a week and I only usually bake 2-3 breads per week. I am sure that is was not my yeast, but no problem. Yeast is very cheap and I will wait and see.

Otherwise not very much exciting happening. Yesterday there was another Harry Potter film on the TV, this time it was the first film. Harry Potter had his first term at school and the actors were so young compared to today. It must be almost 30 years ago that the films were made, but I still enjoy them very much.

Otherwise I was not so busy taking photos over the Easter holidays. This little photo quite amused me. The blue tit (or chickadee) seemed to be having a conversation with sparrow. I rarely see them together at the food supplies.

Perhaps they were discussing the availability of local nesting places. At the moment there is quite a lot of bird action in the garden. They probably realise that food supplies are no slowly coming to an end. I no longer have any bags of bird seed and now they must fend for themselves until next Winter.

My cleaning lady has just left, and now my bathroom and shower are nice and clean and shiny.

I will now also depart, the family are again depending on me. Have a good day everyone, back to work for some. I might even venture into town this afternoon. There is a nip in the air, but I will survive and at least the promised snow showers have not arrived – yet.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I got confused with the Harry Potter film. I assumed that they had decided to show the lot over Easter, and that they would show them in chronological order. So I was surprised to see the first, last night.
    I wouldn’t call myself a fan but they are better-made than most tv and I enjoy them in the background of an evening.

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    • I read all the books and now enjoy seeing the films. I was also a bit surprised that the first film was shown yesterday, but I still enjoyed it. Since we watch BBC all the time I have caught up on a lot. For many years we were mainly watching German and Austrian TV, and naturally Swiss (although I would not really recommend it unless you speak fluent Swiss German). I have now caught up on a lot. I love the weird films. I have now seen almost all of the Jurassic Park films, The transformers are also good, although I have only seen one or two up to now. It is nice to now hear them in original english and not the dubbed german versions.

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      • Yes it’s funny, I would always find myself watching the BBC when I was abroad. The French tv, first of all I went for sport, then I went for weather. I never got much beyond that, but I’m not a big tv person anyhow.

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  2. Good morning! I just love the sparrow and the blue tit! I’ve never seen the latter before. They are quite lovely. Yes, I’m certain that the two were having a discussion. Perhaps they were talking about the kind lady who leaves them a bit of seed?

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  3. Good afternoon, the sun is shining and the flowering pear trees lining the parking area are blooming. Last night I had the best night for a long time. This morning I bite the bullet and order a new chrome book. I am not looking forward get set up. The blue tit has me wondering about tits as they are not in this area. I am going to do an internet search to learn more about them. I haven’t read any Terry Potter books. Have a safe journey to town.

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    • It was quite cold here and we had a sprinkling of snow flakes now and again, but not too much.The birds always get very active when it gets colder. I have two computers, a Mac and a Window computer as well as an iPad, so I have a few possibilities.I went quickly to the store along the road for a few groceries.

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  4. As usual I enjoy reading your Good Morning blogs but seldom comment, but I just wanted to let you know that well wrapped fresh yeast can be frozen. So you might want to do that with the extra ones you got. I wish we could get it easily over here but the package ones do just fine. I really admire your bread and cake making forays these days. Lucky Mr Swiss and No 1 Son.
    Cheers from Albuquerque where it is hot and sunny, but we might just get another winter storm unexpectedly. Whatever the weather…

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    • I will think it over with my yeast. I regularly bake bread, so might use it all in the next weeks. I think someone somewhere must be missing their yeast. Glad you look in regularly on my good mornings, although the life of a golden oldie is not so exciting


  5. Yeast will last almost forever if you keep it in the fridge.

    We’ve been getting warm days and cold nights. I can open the windows and the back door all day, but just about now, the temperature drops below freezing. i think our daffodil buds are frozen solid. Lucky that all my flowery indoor plants are blooming because I’m so restless for spring to show up already.

    It’s funny that all the old folks are vaccinated and can party party party except we just aren’t big time party people.

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    • We had a very light sprinkling of snow yesterday, almost non existent. It has now turned colder and t-Shirts are now put aside. Yesterday I was wearing a woolly hat and took my gloves.with mme for a short wheelie to the store. They had such interesting special offers on frozen goods which they cannot deliver wi my online orders.


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