RDP Sunday: Tranquil

This is probably the quiet before the storm when mother swan has laid her eggs and now just sits on them to brood them out. Mr. and Mrs. Swan chose a nesting place on the bank of the river, unfortunately near a path. Our local authorities came to the rescue and enclosed the area with a light fence to make sure she would not be disturbed by too many inquisitive people. It worked and some time later I saw her and her partner taking a swim on the river with the cygnets. This was a year ago and I can imagine that the cygnets are now grown swans and perhaps brooding their own.

In the meanwhile we are sort of celebrating Easter. Mr. Swiss decided to partake of a nicely decorated egg that my grandchildren made with their mother. Mr. Swiss decided that the egg was too cold to eat and so he had the idea of warming it in the microwave for a few seconds. Unfortunately you do not put a hard boiled egg in a microwave. I was sitting in kitchen not knowing what he was doing behind my back until I heard a very loud explosion. Yes, the egg exploded in the microwave in many hundreds of small pieces and I was confronted with a soft yellow mass of yolk and eggwhite mixed with tiny microscopic pieces of sharp shell. However with my housewife talents I managed to clean it all away, After half an hour everything was cleared away, I also had to take a mop to remove the remains from the kitchen floor. At least we had some excitement on our day of tranquility.

RDP Sunday: Tranquil

13 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Tranquil

    • I did not realise it either until it happened. I know if I put tomatoes in the microwave just to warm them a little from the fridge I alway prod them with a fork before I do it as an exploding tomato would not be so good. Actually I would have never had the idea of putting a boiled egg with shell in the microwave, but men have a different logic to women.

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