Good Morning

And another glorious morning dawns here – a little chilly but that will soon disappear. I was confronted with this wonderful view of the Jura mountains towards North from my front garden this morning. There were some remainders of cloud, but they are now disappearing and we will probably have blue skies today, perhaps with a few fluffy cloud remains.

My porch did not look so good this morning. An unknown animal had been at work again outside, leaving some of his recycled digestion traces. There are probably experts that would immediately recognise the animal from these traces. The size is too big for a hedgehog and it is definitely not a cat or dog. It ripped open a small bag of bird food spreading it on the ground so I spent 10 minutes sweeping it away and finding a container for it as the bag could no longer be used.

Yesterday I at last made my great escape along the river. It is not far from where I live, but due to lock down etc. and the cold unfriendly Winter months, I had avoided this place. Even yesterday I had to persuade myself to go places. It was Good Friday and nothing special happening so I pulled myself together after my midday relaxations, saddled my wheelchair and I was off. I usually take the wheelchair, rather than the scooter, for along the river path as it is easier to manoeuvre over the stones and to avoid the many bicycles that take possession of the tracks. You never meet them alone, but they travel in groups turning the circles around my chair to get to wherever they are going. It was really a perfect day.

Everything was so green. The trees did not yet have so many leaves, but that was OK as the views were clearer and you did not have to peep through the trees to see anything. I noticed a few large tree stumps and it seems that our forest workers had been busy removing a few trees. Perhaps they were no longer so healthy or just in the way.

I eventually arrived in town and heard quite a commotion. We have quite a few crows in our area, but for some reason they prefer to build their nests at the edge of town in the trees along the river every year. I looked up and saw that the trees were full of nests and crows. It was difficult to get a good picture as the trees were in the shadow of the sun and the crows are also quite dark, but there were plenty of them and they were busy with their nesting routine.

I eventually arrived at our bicycle bridge. You can only walk across it or ride a bike, although about once a year a tourist might err his way and drive over the bridge in his car. This usually leads to stares of disbelief from the public and a very embarrassed red faced driver in the car. Yesterday there were just a few pedestrians taking a stroll. I crossed the bridge and ascended the street opposite through town making my way home.

I enjoyed my trip along the river and it was good to get out into the fresh air again. Today is a day at home, I had enough adventure yesterday. I plan on baking a chocolate cake with the visit of my grandchildren tomorrow in mind and really want to take it easy. Have a good holiday everyone, my the weather be with you and enjoy.

And our local Japanese cherry tree is now in full blossom. It only happens once a year and I was making the most of it yesterday.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. and a blessed Easter Saturday to you … keep the faith .. spring is coming . .nature is resurrecting … and the world will become full of wonder once again … SLP …

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    • My day is a bit upside down. wonderful sunny afternoon outside, but I wanted to bake a cake and have no baking powder. However, No 1 son will fetch some, so I will be baking this evening. Hoping for a quiet Easter Sunday.


  2. Good afternoon another warm spring day. There are places on the west coast you do not feed the birds as draws in the large predators like bears, mountain lions, and others. A fox might well have young and she/he may have young to feed. Enjoy your visitors tomorrow and stay safe!

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    • No bears or mountain lions here. My fox is keeping me busy enough. I have now packed everything in plastic boxes with a good closing device. In 24 years of living here this has never happened before.. the Fox definitely has a few Cubs.

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  3. Good morning!
    That tall vertical tree in the middle of the third picture is a Lombard poplar, probably from Italy, but popularized along the canals in France. They grow fast with aggressive roots that stabilize the soil, but do not get broad enough to shade out more desirable shade trees. I grew a row of six at my mother’s home for firewood, although the wood is not so great. They grow so fast that if I cut one down annually, they regenerate fast enough to get cut down again six years later. I grew nine along the driveway at my home, just to hold the embankment intact.

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