RDP Friday: Patience

This afternoon I decided to take a wheelie in my wheelchair along the river, but patience was really something I needed. It was the hour of congestion with people enjoying the fresh air. Many were taking walks and I had to be careful where I was going in my chair. The bicycle riders were out in force. They like to cycle in groups and took no heed of my chair. I was constantly looking in the rear mirror as you only realise they are approaching if they sound their bell. We all survived, due to the patience that I had to use. Ok, I know, I cannot ride a bike, could never keep my balance.

RDP Friday: Patience

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Patience

  1. My husband and I went hiking last week and anytime a biker came up behind us, they rang their bell and said, “Passing on the left.” I so appreciated that.

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  2. Bicyclists seem to be very self-righteous about how careful you are when YOU are driving but are remarkably thoughtless about others. They mow down kittens and people on crutches and bash into wheelchairs. I think they’re the same idiots who can’t wait while the older people take a little long while shopping. They were not brought up properly.

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    • I must say when I travel into town it is not a big problem as they have their paths and I have mine. It is where we have to share that the troubles begin. They travel in groups and are quite fast


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