Good Morning

And another promising sunny day, on Good Friday, although over the Easter the weather will no longer be so warm and we even have snow forecast for next Tuesday and Wednesday. However, let us make the most of what we have. I was planning a wheelie along the river yesterday afternoon, but the Easter holiday intervened. I discovered my supply of red cooking wine (the only reason why I have wine) was running a little low. I buy the litre bottles and like to have two spare in my store in the cellar and one in the apartment. The apartment wine bottle was almost empty and I do not like my reserves to sink, otherwise suddenly you have none. For wine I have to visit another store, as my usual store has no licence for alcohol: no problem, but the last chance before next week due to these holidays. Instead of a pleasant journey along the riverside I was again in town.

It seems that they have begun to plant the flowerbeds in town. This one has the yellow look, full of daffodils and yellow pansies. I must say it is certainly a pleasure to see how everything is now awakening and reflecting the seasons.

Although there are seldom now crowds in town, due to the pandemic and everyone keeping a safe distance, there were a few people enjoying the day and the weather: no longer dressed in their Winter jackets, but making the most of the sun.

Our cathedral is still enshrouded in scaffolding and will remain so until Autumn. They are renewing the shutters and making a few other repairs.

As I approached the town by the outer path, everything was looking fresher. There was still a good view of the reform church, but the trees will soon cover it when their leaves appear. Reform churches are not so flashy as our catholic churches. They remain plain and simple according to the reformers of the time who did not decorate their churches so much. Our Kanton is basically catholic, but we also have our Swiss reform church members. Mr. Swiss and his family would belong to that group, if they ever visited a church. My sons were christened in this church.

Otherwise it was a quiet day, although we had a small drama in the evening. Mr. Swiss switches the TV on in the early evening, although I was outside on the porch with my computer. I joined him when I began to make something for the evening meal and noticed that the TV was repeating the programme continuously, as if a video had got stuck. It was then that we got a report that our TV was not receiving any signals and transmission stopped. Switching the TV on and off did not help and we realised we had a problem. In the meanwhile I realised that my iPad was also not receiving, and that No. 1 son’s TV was also not working. We then had visions of no TV until next week as no-one would be available to repair anything over the Easter holiday. After an hour we called one of the neighbours to see if it was a general reception problem, or if it was our TV. They were very helpful, but not watching their TV. However, they switched it on and said they were receiving OK. We then switched our TV on again and everything was perfect and all was working again: also my iPad and No. 1 son’s TV. We were none the wiser, but suspect that it was the local signals that were not working. We are not really TV addicts, well I suppose we are to a certain extent, but had visions of being without a TV throughout the complete Easter. These incidents remind you how we are so comfortable with our daily lives. This reminded me to tell Mr. Swiss to switch on the TV this morning, but no problem. It is still working.

And although it is Good Friday life continues, although I have a simple lunch of fish to cook and not so much housework. There is a pile of bed linen to be ironed, the duvet and cushion covers, but that will also be conquered. This afternoon I am still thinking about my journey along the river. Tomorrow the stores are open again for a day’s shopping, although I do not need anything and plan baking a cake in the afternoon for my visitors on Sunday – No. 2 son and family.

All I can now say is have a good Easter and see you around later. I saw that our trees were flowering in town. Spring is certainly a wonderful time of the year after the dreary Winter months.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Today was the day when everyone was going for a walk or riding their bicycles in the wonderful warm Spring weather. Snow is on its way, but not until next week it seems. Have a good Easter


  1. Good Morning!
    Everyone in the crew that I work for is Protestant of one sort or another. They have no problem working today. I do not mind; but it seems that Good Friday should be an important Holiday at a Christian Conference Center.

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    • I would also be protestant (Church of England) but being a non believer I am not anything. I just celebrate the holidays because everyone else does. The only importance with the holidays for me is to know when the stores are closed.

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  2. Good Morning!! such a wonderful surprise to find your site… Love the pics… Do you live in Solothurn? I was there in 2018 and I can recognize some views and architectural features. I am planning a long visit there as soon as the
    pandemic allow us. I live in Canada, and today is a luminous but cold day. Enjoy the long weekend – Peaceful Easter!

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    • And a lovely surprise to hear from you. I assume that your ancestors were Swiss with a Swiss name Uebelhart. I live in Solothurn since 52 years, but am originally a Brit from London. I came to Switzerland to work 54 years ago, spending the first two years in Zürich. I changed my job and moved to Solothurn where I met my husband and since I have been living in Switzerland with my family. I even speak fluent Swiss German although have not forgotten my English. I also wish you a good Easter holiday.


      • Lucky you to live in Solothurn, such a charming place. And yes, my great-grandfather is from Welschenrhor, very close to Solothurn; and my great-grandma from Luzern… My mom and her family are all Italians. As soon as this pandemic is over, I will spend some time in the area. Thanks for the pics, it is nice to see Spring coming up everywhere… Now here is 17:23, we have 6 hrs difference 🙂 Have a restful night.

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        • Welschenrohr´is not far from us. I actually live in a small village next to Solothurn, Feldbrunnen. I like the area of Solothurn for its farming land. After growing up in the city of London it is a wonderful contrast


  3. Good evening the sun is out and there may be a record high for today. My eyes are bothering me today. I fell asleep and awoke to another mess at the US Capitol. There is so much hate around us it is hard to believe it is Easter, a time for rejoicing. Have a good night and a stress-free Saturday.

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    • Good weather here as well. I went for a trip along the river. I saw on the News there were troubles at the capitol, there are always some people that are trouble makers. I find as a housewife that easter is the holiday with most stress and I will be glad when it is over

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  4. Oh my. It’s SPRING in YOUR town. And what a sunrise! And oh those trees. Your town is coming back to life. It’s still pretty cold here and I’m trying to be patient with all the people who tell me to go out and enjoy the beauties of spring when spring simply hasn’t come yet. It will, but it is, as usual, it’s taking its own sweet time.

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    • It also took me by surprise. I realized it was getting warmer but due to my isolation and not going anywhere I just did not realise how things were developing. Flowers are appearing and the trees are bursting with colour. Our Japanese cherry tree on our estate is one blaze of pink and there are tiny buds on the lilac. after the dreary days of a pandemic Winter it is such a wonderful surprise


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