Good Morning

Another glorious sunrise this morning and it looks like another nice warm day. Yesterday afternoon I didn’t go anywhere, but relaxed outside on the porch, dressed in shorts and a summer t-shirt. It was just great to leave the dark wintry days behind me: no longer restrained at home due to rain, snow and temperatures below freezing. Now that I have had both vaccinations against Covid it gives me a a more secure feeling when venturing outside.

Bird life is still quite active here and this pair were making the most of the bird house yesterday. I think they are finches, perhaps even a pair of gold finch, but am not so sure. Soon bird feeding time will come to an end. I am already over the limits, but I just enjoy their visits. I was buying 5 Kg bags of food during the colder months, but now they only have 1,5 Kg bags and soon they will probably have none. I am now just left with a few cannabis (not the hard stuff) and sunflower plants growing between the stones on the porch from the seeds that fell on the way.

Otherwise there were the normal crow visitors pecking around for what they could find.

Otherwise the butterflies are again arriving. As I was taking the photo of my grape hyacinths, this butterfly arrived to share the photo.

Another visitor arrived yesterday and now has the habit of having a relaxing sleep on the warm stones on my patio.

Otherwise nothing new. Today I plan a journey with my wheelchair along the river into town. I have not followed that path for some time and now the weather is ready. I am also hoping to find a few ducks and swans on my way. It is probably still a little early for the hatchlings from the nests.

I was hoping to bake a bread today, but sometimes the day does not have enough hours. I had to strip the beds as it is again time for new bed linen and that takes time. Mr. Swiss has just left for town, on his scooter, as he has bank business and I am now busy doing this and that.

Have a good day everyone. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Easter holidays, so have a good one, although I am glad when life returns to the normal routine.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon a spring day with temperatures reaching into the 70sF/27C. Wishing you a safe trip this afternoon. A pleasure to see the grape hyacinths as a sign that spring has arrived. The warmth of the stones must help Roschti’s aging bones. Not a lot happening here. My eyes are behavior so I can see better this morning. A Stress-free evening.


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