Good Morning

Another wonderful morning arrives somewhere in the wilds of Switzerland. I now see the overhead planes winging their way to the far places in the world. In winter I do not notice the silvery trails they leave behind them, but now they reflect in the sunlight. People still seem to be going places, in spite of Covid. Indeed I hear and see constant advertising for next year’s holidays. Personally I would not intend to go anywhere, especially in Europe, as the pandemic is long not over. The world is getting smaller I know and it is easy to pop on a plane and go places. Some seek the sun, some just want to see what they hear and read about and others just want to brag about where they have been when they return: human nature, but I prefer to stay at home with no travel stress.

Yesterday afternoon was such a glorious warm Spring afternoon that I decided to travel again to the local stables to see if there was any action. There definitely was and family chicken, complete with rooster, were taking a walk together. It was a real family excursion.

I noticed Mr. Rooster has quite a harem, but when he dresses for the occasion he certainly is a handsome guy. Any chicken would be proud to walk claw in claw with him.

The geese and ducks were also enjoying the weather. Now and again there was a honking and cackling from the geese, as it from a secret signal, beause they all do it together.

I remember it began with 2 or 3 geese and now there is a complete tribe. They must have been brooding the eggs quite dilligently to produce so many.

One of the horses was also out taking a walk in the fresh air.

When I returned home I discovered more than one hundred photos in the camera, so I was busy for a couple of hours sorting them all.

I decided to take an excursion this afternoon to the local store, so was busy this morning making a bread dough as the first work of the day. It is now rising and I can bake the bread some time in the morning. I will then have the afternoon free for any excursions, although it will be only a short trip. Tomorrow I will be occupied with my second vaccination.

And now I must move on. I have been active enough this morning and just want to settle to my usual routine. Have a good start to the week, take care and may the sun shine on you. I also took the short cut through the cemetary on the way to the farm. There quite quite a few visitors there, being Sunday with friendly weather.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. ‘walk claw in claw with him’–that made me laugh. He is quite the handsome guy, though. You have so much to see on your excursions–I really enjoy the photos. Yesterday we had the A/C on, today we are in long pants and sweaters. This is the week for the second Covid shot. We will still play it safe with masks and social distancing, but I can’t wait to get this last shot. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • I got a reminder on my phone today that I must report tomorrow at 3.30 in the afternoon for my shot, but I do not think I will forget that. We now have almost summer temperatures and I could have worn a t-shirt today when I went into town and as far as I can see it will stay that way. Looks like nice Spring weather at last. I went quickly into town today for a few bits and pieces.

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  2. Good Morning!
    My colleague down south will departing on an airplane for Hawaii in about ten minutes. Hawaii is one of those places that every good horticulturist should go to at least once; but I have never been there. When I go on trips, I enjoy the drive. I can not drive to Hawaii, . . . and I hate airplanes.

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      • Hawaii is not near enough to . . . anything. That is why I have not been there yet. I came back from Oklahoma when I did because I was expected to work on an avocado orchard near Hilo, but my trip was cancelled when I returned to California.


  3. Good afternoon, the sun is shining for a spring day as a strong wind is passing through the area. There are fences down, one new collapsed and a semi-truck blew over on its side on the major highway. My geraniums are making a show in my window.
    Your pictures that you to your blog. Have a good trip to town and a pleasant evening.

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