Good Morning

Another sunrise this morning, but a good one, with the feeling that it might be a good day. I am not sure if I am going anywhere. Mr. Swiss has his second veccination jab this morning and will probably have some after effects, although they usually only arrive a few hours later.

I spent an hour yesterday completing my shopping list for next week. As there will be no online deliveries on Friday and everything will be a little more stressed due to the holiday, I decided to get the list done early enough and send it off at the week-end for delivery on Tuesday, I really had to concentrate to make sure I have everything I need for the week until after Easter. Yesterday I travelled into town to the store to organise some meat from the butchers. It is always an advantage when I can choose the meat I want and the quantity. It is now in the chest freezer for when I need it. I have decided to make my own pizzas at the week-end with my own pastry and filling. No longer just putting slices of tomato on the surface, but cooking a tomato paste and spreading it over the pizza surface, just like the professionals in Italy. I have enough time on Saturday afternoon and most of the time I will be waiting for the pastry to rise and the sauce to cook. A housewife’s work is never finished and you can always learn something new.

I have been doing the shopping for the past 52 years but it changes through the years. It used to be a physical task of going to the store with a list and hoping that nothing is forgotten. Today I sit at home, or sometimes am hugging the bed. The computer on the table or the iPad next to the bed and everything is done online in comfort. You have time and when something comes to mind, I return to the list and hope that eventually everything is complete when I transmit the order to the store. No more stressing off to the store.

Mr. Crow arrived again yesterday and even did a dance for me. Needless to say when he left there were no more peanuts on the ground. Actually something strange is happening here. I have two large pots outside containing two calla plants which grow back every late spring. Yesterday one had a pile of earth next to it and a deep hole inside the pot. Something decided to investigate the pot. I suspect that whatever it was, it dug out the bulb and made off with it, but I am not sure. It was definitly not one of my birds that did it and I suspect that a fox might have taken a walk on my porch. We have a few around, but they are usually only seen near the fields and not on the estate, but you never know. It must have happened during the night. I also had some walnuts outside for the crows. The crows usually pick them up in their beaks and carry them off for a snack in between. This time something had broken open the walnuts, eaten the contents, and left the shells. I do not think if was the big birds, as in the last ten years this has never happened and suspect the unknown large animal.

There was not a lot happening in town yesterday, visitors being more sparse most of the time. I noticed that they have again turned on the fountains in town which makes it a little more habitable and there are even a few people taking walks or relaxing on the grass. The stores are now again open in town but I see very few people shopping there. Even the supermarkets are not crowded so much.

Everywhere was looking quite empty. There used to be more hustle and bustle on the streets and the tourists would now begin to arrive to add to the crowds, but that is now a thing of the past. Yes, Covid has changed our lives in many ways. Everything is so much quieter.

May you all have a good day, a start to the week-end tomorrow and here we will be losing an hour’s sleep on Saturday – daylight saving time or something like that.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning!!! The squirrels always steal our tulip and daffodil bulbs … they dig them up in the spring .. take one bite .. realize they don’t like them .. and leave them there on the garden path for us to find. Dunno if they have squirrels in Switzerland or not but that might be a source of your garden digging. We are going to have temperatures of nearly 80 Fahrenheit today. Where I live .. the “Mid Atlantic Bight” portion of USA East Coast .. is famous for going directly from winter to summer .. it looks like that is going to be the case again this year. The cherry trees are blooming .. soon to be followed by the Bradford Pear trees which have a beautiful shape and lovely white flowers. Unfortunately my wife and I both suffer from allergies .. right now for breathing is like walking around in a sawmill breathing the dust … normal people cannot see it or feel anything but those of us who suffer … feel it on our eyeballs and in our lungs. But it will pass … have a great day. SLP …

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    • We have many squirrels but rarely see them as they live in the forest where there are enough trees.. Spring is now on it’s way here and I am sure it will not be long and the trees will be bursting with leaves and flowers. Luckily we have no problems with the pollen, although I seem to be sneezing more at the moment. I think 8nwill stay at home this afternoon, relax and enjoy the good weather


  2. Good Morning!
    Crows can get creative in regard to opening walnuts. It sort of makes you wonder how they opened their walnuts after carrying them away. Many years ago, black walnut trees were commonly planted along the roads between towns around California. (A native species of black walnut that was commonly used as understock for the English walnut orchard trees was too messy for home gardens and refined landscapes, but was commonly planted along roadsides where the mess was not a problem. Because they are native nearby, they survived on annual rainfall.) The nuts are much harder than those of English walnut, with very little meat within. Nonetheless, the crows liked them enough to put them on the roadways for cars to run over. They then ate what bits of nut meat pulp they could find. However, they sometimes drop the nuts onto moving cars! I have not heard of it being a problem for a very long time, but a long time ago, cars on the highway between San Jose and Morgan Hill (before the Highway 101 freeway was built to the East) occasionally got their windshields cracked. I believe that windshields are more resilient nowadays (even if the cars are made of plastic). Also, the crows do not seem to be as common.

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    • Crows are very intelligent and I have seen them dropping the nuts on the hard road surface to crack them open. However they do not usually do it in the garden but carry the walnuts off in their beak to a better place for cracking them open. They prefer the peanuts as they are much easier to open. they are known to drop the walnuts from the trees to crack them open when they hit the ground.

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  3. Good afternoon, it is another spring with than usual weather. The sun is shining right now. I agreed squirrels might be the perp of the missing bulbs. Gardens here are rouintly place in wired buckets that squirrels. I feel like you do about the Easter weekend. I hope the second jab for Mr. Swiss goes okay. Have a pleasant day and stay safe.

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    • Perhaps it was a squirrel, but the pot with the bulbs has been at least 15 years outside. There was no trace of whaever it was it removed. I am now prepared for Easter. We will not starve and everything has been organised. Mr. Swiss is feeling fine up to now during the day. The doc said he might feel something during the night, but can take a tablet. I am hoping it goes so well when I go next Tuesday.

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  4. I’ve been reading a big book from the 18th century about Swiss history. It’s wonderful looking at everything through the eyes of someone so long ago who is, himself, looking at the past. Lots of drama and Solothurn is mentioned often.

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    • Solothurn is one of the oldest towns in Switzerland founded by the Romans. I have picked up bits and pieces of Swiss history, mostly to do with religion and battles between different kantons

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