RDP Thursday: Cling

I suppose if you are born with such feet, you find it easy to cling. Who do the feet belong to?

The cockatoo belongs to my son’s boss. He takes him to work with him, of course in a cage. Otherwise he is perched on the shoulders of the boss and now and again goes for a fly around outside. Here he is examining his claws and exercising the cling effect.

RDP Thursday: Cling

7 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Cling

  1. Passerine feet instantly curl around perches. It’s the way they are constructed. I’d try to give you a more technical description of the passerine foot, but you luck out: I can’t! The Internbet, however, explains it:

    What is a passerine foot?
    This arrangement is called anisodactyly. The passerine foot is designed to automatically grip and lock through a unique combination of muscles and tendons that cause the foot to automatically latch on to a perch. It is this feature that allows true perching birds–the passerines–to roost in trees and sleep without falling to the ground.

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