RDP Wednesday: Fright

Today’s frights are different to yesterdays. I used to be frightened of spiders, but now I am kind to them and show them the way outside instead of letting them live their last moments in my apartment. Today’s worries are more to do with my daily life. I was worried about my country forgetting to let me have my vaccination against the dreadid Covid. Now I am worried that I get my second jab (in two weeks)

It is now a question of daily survival. I am now more isolated, avoiding as much as possible contact to others. I now have a super freezer chest in my cellar, a freezer and two refrigerators in the apartment, although one is mainly for my MS medicine with a little extra space for food if necessary. I spend time planning food lists for my online deliveries. Not going anywhere means make sure you have everything you need, but it is all a question of routine. I buy meat for freezing and have my own vacuuming machine to seal it. I have a reserve of frozen vegetables, although prefer to cook fresh veg basically. Have even learnt to bake my own bread. The rest is for emergencies. What if I forget something. Do we have enough pasta, rice, tea, coffee, and above all Toilet Paper, although I remember in the olden days in my working class family in the slums of East London, we would even tear up newspapers if the supply ran low. You have experienced everything when you are a golden oldie.

We have our computers to help, but no matter what, we still need our brains and of course, above all, a good supply of toilet paper, or have I already said that.

RDP Wednesday: Fright

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