RDP Monday: Kettle

Kettle? Is that what my mum used to boil water when I was still in her care. Every cup of tea had its water boiled in a kettle. Our water was not so perfect and was full of lime (we called it fur) , meaning that the kettle eventually had a thick white layer which collected over time. The only solution was to dissolve it with vineagar.

And so what happened to the kettle? It has disappeared over the years and been replaced by something more modern (plastic or glass) which has a light show when it is boiling. I suppose they are called water boilers (am not sure of the modern english expression) and we now have our second edition. The water boils quite quickly and modern life has given us an expensive filter system which eliminates the lime. However sometimes I miss the kettle, it was so homely and it just belonged to mum and her household.

RDP Monday: Kettle

13 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Kettle

      • Just the short almost three years I spent in then-West Germany where I was stationed in the US Army was sufficient to lose contact with the culture in the US. When I came back, the biggest shock was that the male students at the local high school had long hair and mustaches, even beards. When I went into the army, nearly military haircuts and clean shaven were not only the standard, kids could be expelled for any hint of a “Beatle haircut”, the principal’s characterization of any haircut that didn’t look nearly military. I can only imagine 54 years in a different culture would make little details like what to call an item in English a trick!

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  1. In every household I was during my 8+yrs of living in Devon and visiting elsewhere, it still and always was called the kettle – and we have terribly hard water here in CH, which has ruined my kettle so much in less than one year that all the strongest products are no longer able to descale it. Bought a new one last week.


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