Good Morning

Looks like a sunny day, although still not so warm. At least the sun is rising and a blue sky is slowly appearing.I will be at home today. I really have no interest in going anywhere at the moment. I spent some time organising my week-end shopping list yesterday. I must say this online shopping is really a great solution for me, not having to go to the stores My mobility is no longer what it was and I have now very much got used to how to do it. When I gave up the car I was a little worried about how it would work in winter in the cold and snow, but then the online organisation for my supermarket arrived and it works perfectly for my fresh groceries. I just like to have fresh vegetables for the meals. My supermarket does not deliver frozen goods as their vans are not equipped to carry them, but that is no great problem. Now and again I go to town and stock up on what I need. Yesterday when I was planning the food I was not sure what meat to order. I had a look in my deep freezer and discovered I had plenty of what I needed. I also get all the special offers with my online selection.

My sparrows decided to do a flight demonstration yesterday. This one was preparing to land.

And this one was poised in the air waiting for a space to .land.

I checked on my appointment for my second vaccine jab yesterday. I had postponed my original appointment as it was 10.00 a.m. and for me that is almost impossible. It would have meant a very early rise in the morning and a stress to get there. I got a new appointment, but actually got two, on the same day (30.03.2021). When I called I was told my appointment was still for 10.00 a.m. but afterwards the telephone connection told me that I could ignore that as they do not always adjust the appointments as they should. It is now 3.30 p.m. which suits me much better on the same day. A neighbour will be taking me and picking me afterwards. I am not sure how I will react afterwards and it seems the second jab can have a few after effects, although generally they only arrive a few hours later, but it is all so uncertain. I will be glad when I have it all behind me. It will be in the Easter week, which also does not really suit me, although holidays are no great problem now. It used to be a stress to get everything for the long week-end, but my new life of isolation has taught me a lot. I can organise the food from home without having to join in the tumult and stress in the store. Easter was always the worst holiday time especially on the Saturday in between as the stores are closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday. One positive point is that I no longer have to fill up the food with chocolate bunnies and eggs, although I might get a couple online. I used to colour eggs with the kids when they were still kids, but I can buy them already coloured, so that stress is no longer. I already some small chocolate eggs on my platter in the living room.

And look who arrived yesterday, sitting in front of the window with pleading eyes for some cat goodies. Of course I gave her some. I also noticed that the human she owns had given her a nice colourful collar with a pendant containing her name and address. I remember them from my three cats. They all had one as it is safer if they would get lost (or worst). Some cats have chips from the vet, but I never bothered.

And now to move on. I have the normal routine, plus making a bread dough for this evening’s bread. Hope your day goes well, with no problems, although we never know what is around the corner. Keep safe.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I just happened to still be up, but must get to sleep. My main computer died, so I needed to use another that I am not accustomed to in order to post on my gardening column for next week. It is now about 1:45 in the morning, and I will need to be up in just a few hours.

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    • Nothing worse than a dead computer. My mails are not working at the moment on my computer and neither on Mr. Swiss computer. My Apple mails are functioning. I can pick my mails up through Internet however. We have contacted our computer guy. I will never understand the computer world.

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  2. Good morning … glad you got the vaccine thing worked out. We are waiting with baited breath here to see what kind of bread you choose to bake for your next production. Take care … don’t push yourself too hard with the shots … and have a great day .. SLP …

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    • I am doing a brown bread today. the last rising operation is being done. Afterwards I have to bake it and then it is finished. I will be glad when I have the shots behind me.


  3. I hope the second shot goes well, Pat, and that you don’t find it debilitating.
    Have you given up on Ragtag prompts or are you just taking a break? I think we are all tired but I was wondering whether we could do anything to improve our offering? I know I haven’t been very chatty lately.

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    • I just need more time for myself. I enjoy a blog, but I am not getting any younger. I still do my daily good morning blog, but prefer to relax more during the day. I take a few photos and then I like to read. Blogging was taking up too much of my time. I still look in now and again and might even write something, but no longer as regularly as I did. Your site is perfect and there is nothing to improve. It is just me that needs a bit of a break

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  4. Birds in flight, adorable kitty eyes, such great photos, Pat. Good luck with vaccine #2. I am anxious to hear your reaction as my second shot is April Fools Day!

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  5. Good afternoon, It is a lovely spring day, the birds are courting, especially the mallards. I often see them. The tree being by the birds is a clean area. It has a canal running through the lot. During the few years live here the red-tailed hawks nested there. When I started this blog, I did a review of every book I read. Last I was forcing myself to write any reviews. I now read what I want and only write one when I like. Have a stress-free day and be well.

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    • I also no longer blog so much. I plow prefer to relax more and have more time for reading. I baked a bread today which is no great works all you have to do is make the pastry and leave it to rise. I think our birds are also now beginning to find their partners

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