Good Morning

The view looks almost the same as yesterday, but it was this morning: a bit of sun and some cloud. It is almost midday now. I was up at the usual time this morning, but Tuesday is always a bit of an exception as the cleaning lady comes and I have another routine. No time for computer work, I have my breakfast in the kitchen, shower and then organise a few things. The first visitor I had this morning was the man from the electric company that needed to get to the basement to read the meters. He always rings our doorbell (only once, not twice) as we are ground floor and it is the easiest access. I gave him a good morning greeting and he disappeared into the basement. Five minutes later the cleaning lady arrived. We said our usual good morning greetings and she got to work on my bathroom.

I decided to do a good clean of my back windows this morning as during the Winter I just give them a wipe. They were not in such a bad condition as it is the bedroom side of the appartment. The kitchen side had collected more layers on the glass. I was glad to get it done in half an hour, wiping down the frames and the glass and sweeping out the dust that had collected in the spaces in between. I am now a happy bunny and pleased to have done it. Now I am ready for the summer, with a quick wipe down now and again.

I was under observation from this bird yesterday from his perch in the opposite tree. I think they are called chickadees in the States. They are one of the colourful birds that visit us during the winter. In summer I do not often see them, as they are probably busy bringing up the kids.

This one also made himself busy pecking some seeds out of our coconut shell.

I was at home yesterday, it is still too cold for venturing to the outsdie world, and I have everything I need at home. Today I got my Tuesday delivery of groceries from the store and have spend a time getting it all organised. Some goes into the kitchen fridge, some in my second fridge in another room and some down in the cellar in the chest freezer. It is really a study in logistics to put it all in the right place, but my system works.

Our local cat, Roschti, also paid a visit yesterday. I notice the weather must now have a Spring touch to it, as he settled outside on the porch for a relaxing session, one of his favourite places. For an 18 year old cat, he is doing quite well.

In between I manage to get dinner organised and it is now cooking. Son No. 1 will soon be home from work, so I should move one to more important things. Have a good day everyone, keep safe and wrap up warm. It is not quite Spring yet in the northern hemisphere.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

          • Uhm, I beg to disagree. Look at the Happy Forest Colony of Tinykittens. They indeed DO socialize. Look at Thor and Nyla, both spayed but both a couple, not related. Look at Horton Tk on Facebook – where a whole Clowder (?) is living peacefully together, sharing and caring for each other – and they are not blood related.
            Horton is a huge floof (Maine Coon, most likely), with an elderly Cornish Rex (Grandma Mia), and two more former feral cats (Shakespeare and Chloe) and another mixed breed cat (Misty) for company, and friendship. They snuggle and play together – and none of them were exactly kittens when they met the others. So I really, really have to disagree with you on this.

            The same goes for Pulander’s Catpack, but that three of them were addes as kittens (first Penelope, then the two youngsters) but there are other, older cats living there.

            And Maravel and Chance are getting along with Chelan and another female. Not as well as the other two examples.

            But yes, I have seen quite some multi-cat households where the cats formed a nice enough group.

            And then there are the actual residents at Tinykittens (on YouTube) – North, the nearly still a kitten, Harvey, an elder tripod, two big floofs (Quincy and Ryker) and another Tabby, called Mega. Mega had a bad start to the group, but was brought back after some timeout – and it works. North got all those older cats to play with him (North is a year this month) – and Quincy and Ryker, formerly ferociously feral, have formed a liking for being brushed and petted. This morning Harvey and Ryker shared a cabinet to sleep in, for hours, butt to butt.

            No, they DO social! Really!

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          • I think it depends a little on the circumstances. A friend of ours had a cat colony where he looked after cats when their owners were away on holiday or other reasons. They had their own cages, but there was also a common space, very large, for the cats to go out. I asked him if they never had fights and he said no. They were in a neutral place, there were no territorial rights, and the cats had no problems. I had two cats that were litter sisters (not sure if they had the same father) and they never had a problem, although it was easy to see that one of the two was the chief and the other always took second place. My third cat came a little later, and although they managed OK, he was never really accepted.


  1. Good evening, our weather is still unsettled, right now a thin cloud is not allowing the sun to shine through. My geraniums are flowering, the pink is full of blooms, the red has one bloom open and is full of buds and the orchid now has four blooms open. Roschti is in good shape for his age and may he have many more years. As we age it is a point of pride to be able to do what we have been doing. It takes me 30-45 minutes to dress. I can still good that dress. Have a pleasant evening.

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  2. You really had a full-on day didn’t you, but I’m glad you also had some feathered and furry visitors. You cat is lovely and I can see that he is enjoying the warm spot he’s chosen. We had early summer weather yesterday and I was able to potter in the garden wearing only a tee-shirt (but with long sleeves) but today we have reverted to winter, howling gales and lashing rain. How can our weather be so changeable? You are baking, I’m trying to learn Italian. I feel it should be a great opportunity to really get to grips with the language but it’s harder than I imagined. The old grey cells are less malleable nowadays!

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    • I am always busy with something. I no longer have any cats myself. I had three and now the neighbours cats like to pay a visit during the day. I rarely wear long sleeves. Indoors we have a good central heating and outside I wear a jacket, usually with short sleeves underneath.. I loved learning other languages. I learned Italian and it is also one of the languages spoken in Switzerland. I learned Russian for 12 years and could also read and write it, but am now out of practice. Although I am a Brit originally, I am speaking Swiss German all day.


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