Good Morning

The sun is rising and I hope it will stay, although it is not spreading very much warmth. It is always good to see bright skies in the early morning. I have decided to be a stay at home person today. I do not need any groceries, they will be delivered tomorrow and I can bake my daily bread a little later in the morning. I am still baking my own bread during the week. I have now got into the routine.

I am still getting daily visits from my little robin

and the sparrows are still having their morning gatherings. I think the time is slowly approaching when they will have to fend for themselves. The insects are awakening and there will be enough fresh meat to gather. It will also soon be the nesting season.

These two were having a feast on my bird feeder.

We had voting in Switzerland yesterday. We got the papers some time ago. This time we had a few referendums. Mainly no-one is interested so much, but Switzerland entered the international headlines, even in CNN. We had a vote on banning face coverings for various religious groups and it was accepted, so no more burka in Switzerland, not that ever see any in our region. They would be more in the French speaking part. I could imagine that places like Montreux and Geneva would be affected. It was a very narrow margin of votes for this issue. One of our right wing parties supported it. Personally I would not have bothered with this issue. I find it a personal decision to be made, religion or not. Most of us are wearing face coverings at the moment when going to public places, in the name of Covid so what is the problem. There were a few other issues to decide on, but they were not so interesting for myself, so I left it to mr. Swiss who has more firm beliefs and understands it.

I saw that Harry and Megan, the rebels of the British Royal Family, had their interview made public with Oprah Winfry. I had a quick look at their arguments and opnions on how they had been treated, poor Megan being driven to the brink of suicide and Harry finding no support from his father Charles. I really only skipped the details as again I could not care less. They might have family problems (most of us do, you can never shoose your family, only friends) but they left the family to lead their own lives. It was estimated that the value of the interview would be a few million dollars, but no-one admitted that they had been paid for it: at least it was an interesting story for the news.

Otherwise the usual visitor was at the window this morning waiting for some goodies. She likes to combine her visit with a walk around the apartment, and she is now becoming slowly a member of the family.. And now to see what the week will hold for me, although I have nothing planned so far.

I wish you all a good week ahead. There are at last some clouds forming above with a glance of blue sky in between.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos!!! The snowdrops are finally up and blooming here .. the daffodils are soon to follow … I hope the birdies will continue to visit your bird feeder as long as you leave them seeds … so we can continue to enjoy your great photos .. have a good day and a great week !!! SLP …

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    • Our snowdrops are now in full flower and are still looking good. The daffodils in my garden are full of buds, so it will not be long now. The birds are still coming, but not so many during the day. Have a good week.


  2. Good Morning!
    Oh my, they actually voted to outlaw burquas! Personally, I dislike them. By my standards, they are not at all visually appealing, and they seem to be degrading to the ladies who wear them. However, I would not want to outlaw them any more than I would want to outlaw Spandex, which is much more egregious, yet somehow more popular. Seriously, people so commonly go out into public looking ridiculous as if it is acceptable, so should not complain about others wearing burqas. The main problem I would have with outlawing burqas (and I am certainly no expert on the subject) is that the ladies who wear them may feel obligated to do so, much like (sensible) ladies here feel obligated to not go topless. I know there must be reasons for wanting to outlaw burqas, such as security in banks and such, but I can not avoid comparing it to outlawing pants. If pants were illegal, I would be confined to the home . . . forever!

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    • Burqas is connected to the religion. There are coiuntries in the middle and far east where it is normal for the women to wear a burqua to hide their faces from other men by religion. I am no expert, but I was a week in Morocco and there were some women still wearing their face covers (just half masks and not the full cover), although the royal Moroccan family (the princess at the time) found it was no longer so necessary. It is a matter of belief and religion. It was one of our parties that brought the issue to the vote and as we live in a direct democrary in Switzerland, if you get enough signatures, it will be decided by the people. I think it was only about 1-2% more that decided to ban the masks.

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  3. good afternoon, the sky grey this morning but the sun is shining out now. another storm is headed our way. I feel the mask problem is away to show your frustrations against an unknown enemy. Burning masks is an example of it. In this time of unrest, the British royal problems are entraining. So the neighbor’s cat has chosen you. I found our missing pictures among them are our wedding ones. Have a pleasant afternoon.

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    • It was more pleasant today, but still too cold for me. I stayed at home. The face coverings. That have been banned here are to do with some religious beliefs and it is the women that wear them. Have a good day, I am having an early night.

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  4. You know I love the newest (maybe?) member of your family. I keep trying to convince my husband to let me just bring in the two outdoor cats that we feed two meals daily and shelter in our garage every night. They have their run of the place! He says no; three indoor cats is enough….. Two hours of Meghan and Harry with Oprah last night was quite a bit. If the Royal Family had issues with them before, I can only guess what they are thinking now. Kind of a shame, all which ways.

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    • I had three cats and now they are all living their tenth lives. I am too old to have a cat now, but my two feline visitors compensate for no longer having my own. Inwas never a great follower of the royal family, but Harry and Megan are being stupid and I have absolute no sympathy for them

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