Good Morning

I was later this morning. I did not have such a comfortable night, and had a few problems with my MS medicine, I think I might still have a delayed reaction to me vaccination this week. I could not rise from the bed, ,just did not have the strength to do it. With a little pull and push from Mr. Swiss I eventually managed to stand in an upright position and am now making efforts to carry on as usual. Today is also fresh linen day on the bed which does not help very much. Everything has a good side and I had a wonderful sunrise to welcome me. It would be good if the sun stayed today but it seems that a little rain will be on its was in the afternoon. Yesterday was a little dull and dismal so I stayed at home with a book.

The birds kept me company outside and Mr. Robin was again making the most of it.

He realls seems to have adopted my garden and I often find him outside, but always alone.

In the morning I baked my daily bread. This time it was a brown bread, I am not sure if I will baking one today. I am still thinking about it.

Actually I was going to skip my contribution this morning but it will be a short one. I might call back later if I have the energy.

36 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It doesn’t happen often, but it happens. I get extreme chills about an hour after my injection for MS, but take a tablet and they disappear during the night. This time I had the problem of not being able to sit up in bed, but Mr. swiss to the rescue. Gradually I am again in action, but did not go anywhere today.


      • The vicissitudes of dealing with our medical issues…! I consider myself fortunate3 to be retired, though, since I can’t imagine dealing with dialysis, for example, which ties up a minimum of five hours three times a week, and leaves me very tired. I imagine dealing with MS would be equally difficult if you weren’t retired, too. You are fortunate, too, to have Mr. Swiss!

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        • With Ms there are always surprises unfortunately. Mr. Swiss unfortunately also had his problems. He helps where he can but no longer has the strength for everything.


  1. Good afternoon, sorry. to learn that you are having health problems. Hope you recover from your them for better days ahead. It is going to be a spring day, temperature reaching 57F. and a light breeze. I am still tired but better from yesterday.

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  2. Some days can be like this for me as well. Like nowadays, I’m getting this headache every night, just before dinner, which lasts till I lay on my bed and close my eyes for about 30 minutes or so.

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