Good Morning

And a wonderful morning it is. I was up early enough to cath the sunrise from our front garden. In the meanwhile I have done all the bits and pieces, had some breakfast and welcomed my cleaning lady.

The big news is that I have had the first jab against the dreaded Covid. It happened yesterday afternoon. I now feel complete and no longer stood up and waiting. It was very well organised and I really felt like someone special. It took place in our local concert hall where I remember watching a few jazz concerts, rocks concerts and even an opera recital. It had now been converted with various small tented cubilcles for the victims. My welcome was perfect. I arrived on my scooter and was immediately helped with a perfect parking place in front of the entrance door. I had my walker with me hanging on the back of the scooter, so could move under my own steam. After having my temperature checked quickly, I had to give my medical card for a check, although that was routine. The whole show was free of charge. I then moved on to a table with a doctor and his helper that asked me a few questions about allergies and my medical condition. And then it was on to the jab. A trainee doctor, or doctor was jabbing everyone. I was in a separate cubicle and it was a very friendly atmosphere. Afterwards I was show to a place with seating where I had to wait 15 minutes before I was realeased.

We were mostly golden oldies, although a few younger people were also there. There were not so many people and it was quite pleasant.

I even had time to take a photo of the roof construction in the hall which I found quite interesting.

The whole thing was organised with help from the community service, nice young men with armbands being generally helpful everywhere.

After waiting my 14 minutes I had to register my departure at the desk where these two young men were sitting. I was given all the necessary documents to take with me as they would be necessary for my second jab which will take place in four weeks in the same place. I felt no ill effects afterwards. I was now on the other side of the hall where the exit was, but one of the nice young men came with me back to the entrance where I my scooter was parked. My next appointment was planned for 10.00 am which is a little early for me. However I had a phone number and called this morning where a very nice person changed the appointment to the afternoon.

I am now really glad that I am one of the club of jabbed citizens. I was a little annoyed reading about everyone was getting their vaccinations and having to read the bad effects I could have. I was also being constantly asked if I had already had my vaccine. I was probably one of the lucky ones that felt OK afterwards. Apparently after the second jab you can get a Covid arm, but as I am used to injecting myself with MS medicine every second day, that should be no problem for me. I am glad we got the Pfizer Vaccine and that it will be done with in four weeks. So that was my vaccine advenure yesterday. Apparently the protection is actual in about a week.

In the meanwhile life continued as normal at home and Mr. Swiss was surprised to see how quickly I was back at home again and fit and well. So that was my adventure for a Kovid Jab.

Hope you are all keeping well and the Spring weather is also upon you.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good news for you then
    In the UK it’s a three month wait for the second one and here in Perth WA they are behind schedule so who knows when I will get mine, by July maybe

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    • I know they have to wait 12 weeks to have the second jab. Here is Switzerland they do not move on until both jabs have been made. They are only vaccinating people over 75 or those with illnesses such as diabetes etc.

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  2. My husband received a text yesterday to schedule his first vaccine and I received a phone call later in the day. He goes today for his shot and I go to a different place on Thursday. Yay! We will both be getting the Moderna vaccine. I feel so much better just knowing I will receive it. Your sounds like it went very smoothly. So happy to hear.

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  3. I am happy to read this, I also took the Pfizer and no side effects with first, the 2nd I had had aches, chills but they went away as fast as they came on. So that is good news the vaccines are making their way around the world

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  4. Good evening, I am late again as I forgot to read my emails. I still have no idea when we can get our shot. Kathy, our caregiver wants to wait for the Jonhson/ Jonhson and it is supposed to be here in late March. We both fit the category. It is a lovely spring day, the sun is out with a light breeze and the window is open for fresh air. The temperature is 48F./9C. Have a good stress-free evening.

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    • I was surprised, but suddenly Switzerland had got a supply of material and have begun to give the golden oldies their shots. They are hoping to continue throughout the year and vaccinate all. We also had good weather yesterday and it was quite warm in the afternoon

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  5. We really are on a parallel path! I got MY first shot yesterday too and it was also a really good experience. EASY, with no long drive, no long wait. They had all my information already (I filled it out online) and it was OK for Garry to come in too. The world is changing. My arm is sore, but so far, that’s all and it’s better today than it was last night. I get my second shot on the 29th. I think the Pfizer vaccine is a three week follow-up and the Moderna (which is what I got) is four weeks to the second vaccination. Now they’ve brought in a third vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson one — and that is only a single shot. i think they finally have gotten enough vaccines. All they have to do is organize how to actually get the shots into people’s arms.

    Everyone has a story about how they got their appointment for a vaccine and many of them will be funny — eventually. Right now, though, I just so relieved. Garry got his second one on Saturday, so next comes Owen, which will hopefully be soon. They think there will be enough vaccine for everyone who wants it by May, but maybe earlier. The big issue now is organization.


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    • We certainly are. I just had to scooter along the road for my appointment. I am glad I have had it done, I really felt a bit neglected especially as I was reading everywhere from those that were already vaccinated, but now I belong to the club. I feel nothing really, perhaps a little sensitive from the jab, but nothing special. I get my second on 30th. We just had to wait a little here as Europe is a bit slow in getting the vaccine material but Switzerland now has enough, it is only a small country with eight million population My No. 2 son is 52 years old so he will be invited when we golden oldies are all dealt with.


  6. Pleased you can now join our not so exclusive club of vaccinated oldies. It does make one feel one has a fighting chance against the virus, doesn’t it?

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  7. I was so happy to get my first shot and all the people in the parking lot (it was a parking lot at the high school) were happy, too. The firemen who were directing traffic (traffic isn’t really accurate to describe 4 cars, but…) were happy and one was dancing in a puddle of snow melt. I’m very very very happy and relieved you’re on your way with this.

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    • It is very old. Originally tt was a riding hall for horses etc. but today it is generally used for various events, even concerts. The have now organised it for the vaccinations. This part is for those who have had their injection and have to wait for a while to ensure they have no ill effects before leaving.

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