Good Morning

Not such an impressive morning, so I suppose we cannot have a brilliant sunrise every day. It was similar yesterday, but during the day the sun appeared again and we had a very pleasant afternoon, so I made myself comfortable outside on the porch with my book, although only an hour. I decided to prepare my super self made meatloaf for tomorrow’s lunch to give less stress for Sunday morning. I also had a pizza to prepare.

At the moment I am reading “The Evening and the Morning” by Ken Follett. It tells of life in England during the year 1,000 so it really goes back in time when people were settled in small hamlets, usually around rivers. King Ethelred was on the throne. At that time it seems all the people had such strange names beginning with an “E”, and there were even slaves employed. Now and again the Vikings would invade, leaving death and destruction behind them after taking all that was worth taking. I started the book some time ago, but did not get so far as I was busy with other chores. However, I have now reduced my blogging somewhat and have more time to enjoy a good book. I have read most of Ken Follett’s historical novels and enjoy them very much.

I had a pleasant surprise as I was finishing. Someone rang the doorbell and it was not the postman, he only rings twice.. I was not really expecting anyone, we rarely get visitors, but my computer superguy was standing at the door with my newly repaired Mac computer. It was not really broke, but after eight years the internal battery was getting flat. Apple have internal batteries, so it needed an expert to replace it. He was passing by on his way home from his office and decided to drop it off, knowing that I am usually at home. We switched it on and it was alive. Strange how you can forget your normal routine on a computer after not having it for some time. I attached my mouse and after remembering my password (which was almost a miracle) I was back on line. The computer looks quite new, the screen being again spotless and clean. I do clean my screens, but it never looked as good as it did yesterday. My computer guy stayed to make sure I had everything under control again. We were very lucky to find him and he has often helped us out of difficulties. He was recommended by a neighbour we once had. It is almost like a new computer now. It was the best and most modern Mac they had at the time and since nothing really better has appeared. They have a few keys now that do things automatically, but that is just a gimmick for me. We golden oldies all have our little quirks and one of mine is my computer(s). I also have a windows machine for my photos, so the best of both worlds. It is surprising how you get out of the routine when one of your computers is away, yesterday evening after a few minutes I was back in the apple system of doing things.

As I was a little home bound yesteday I concentrated on a few photos of the local feathered friends. This tit was observing what I was doing from this tree.

A few sparrows gathered outside, but did not stay long. their feeding days are now gradually disappearing and in a couple of weeks I will leave them to their own devices. I am sure they will not go hungry. I rarely see a sparrow in the warmer months. they probably retire to the forests to begin nesting and raiding their families. I have never even seen a baby sparrow.

Today I might take a trip to the local farm to see what the chickens are doing. This chicken is quite a nice fluffly one, something special I think. There is always something interesting for a photo. I want to use my scooter a little today so that it will be worth uploading the battery this evening. I will be needing it for my excursion to the vaccination centre tomorrow to get my jab, although it is just a about 20 minutes along the road by scooter. I remember the good old active days when I called walk it with no problem. You never know what might lie ahead in life.

I am now off to my Sunday routine, which is not much different from other days. Perhaps I might cook something a little more special. Have fun, enjoy the day and wear a mask if necessary.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great picture of the mountains .. such a great view … good luck with your newly rehabilitated computer and with your trip to get your vaccine shot. Have a great day. SLP. …

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    • The mountains can certainly be imposing when the light is right. My computer is now working perfectly. I even got a telephone message from the authorities to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. must be quite important.


  2. Goodness; in the year 1,000, there were less than a quarter million people in California. More than that live in many of the individual cities now, and almost none are descendants of the mostly exterminated indigenous people. History from that time was not documented in a manner that could be preserved. (For thousands of years, old people told younger people about their history, but did not document much of it before they were exterminated.) History did not begin to be formally documented until about halfway between then and now, in 1542, when Juan Cabrillo arrived in San Diego. Even after that, history was only meagerly documented by the few Spanish people who lived here. The histories and cultures of the indigenous people were not considered to be worthy of documentation. So, according to the Spanish perception, not much happened until the beginning of colonialization in 1769. Even then, history documented what was important to the Spanish, such as civilizing the indigenous people, which by modern standards, would be considered exploitation, slavery and genocide. It is a shameful aspect of American History. I have never met a single descendant of the indigenous people (that I am aware of), although one of my (recently deceased) friends was a direct descendant of one of the first Spanish people to arrive in San Diego, and the later, Monterey. His ancestors have resided in Monterey since the original arrival. Only one of his sisters remains there now.

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    • American is a relatively young country. England, and the British Isles, had their rulers – Kings and Queens – and a lot of the history is documented. Some of the old documents still exist, although written in a language that I would not understand so well, being mainly Anglo Saxon. Later we were conquered by the Normans in France. We had to learn it all in the school and some of the old rulers are quite interesting. We are a mixed bunch. My family on my maternal grandfather’s side were Huguenots from France that fled to England. On my paternal side, going back a few hundred years, we were descended from the Normans. I did quite a bit of family history some years ago.

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  3. One of my good friends is living. She is a full-body Northern California Indian. Of hand, I don’t remember the tribe. The US government doesn’t recognize the tribe. Some of the beliefs are on your birthday, need to do something for others and pets belonged outside.

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  4. Good afternoon, the sun is shining and there are clouds. It is 33 F/0C outside. My glasses are helping my reading. I need to use the long-distance eyepiece so my left is turned on. The tree outside my window show leaf buds this morning. My orchid now has 2 blooms open. Your mountains are lovely. Have a good evening and a surprise is always great. Good luck tomorrow with your jag.

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    • A cloudy morning but a sunny afternoon. Went for a scooter journey into town, but just checking to see how the battery was loaded. Am now uploading over night to make sure no problems tomorrow when I go for my jab. No leaf buds here yet, but it will not be long. Am spending the evening with a book and the TV.

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  5. My last good PC died of battery demise. They all have internal batteries and they all die eventually. That one went really fast — in less than three years. Considering the price of the computer, I was really aggravated. But my granddaughter revived it. I couldn’t find a battery for it, but a year later, there were batteries available that hadn’t been there when I was looking. So should got the other really powerful PC which she probably needed and got a new one which i wouldn’t have needed if I could have replaced the battery and now I also have a Mac which i don’t use much, but it’s very light and good for traveling — which I never do anyway. Life has turned out pretty strangely.

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    • I noticed my battery was getting weaker on my Mac and contacted my PC guy. He is not an apple person, although knows the basics. He contacted one of his contacts and said they would fit a new battery for me. I now have the PC again and it is working perfectly. I thought the Windows PC do not have an internal battery, but am no expert. Anyhow I now have a new PC and I love my Apple. As you say they are light and you can take them everywhere I can even sit on the armchair in the living room, watch the TV and do comöputer stuff on it. It also has a lasting power for at least 8-10 hours without current.


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